February 26, 2013

The Color Purple

Jill's been living in a boy's room. Blue walls with a random light blue rectangle on the main wall. Well not anymore!
One day last week Tony and Jill stopped at Lowe's to pick out some paint.  Tony presented Jill with a few sample sheets with different shades of purple, to which she replied, "Dad, it's all purple" like he was a complete moron.
 So Tony went with purple gray.
He did the hard work while Jill rolled around on her tarped bed and annoyed Tony and I cleaned the bathrooms.
 And it came out great! Really great!
 Jill loved it!
We slept at my Mom's Saturday night because of the smell.  But Sunday night Jill said something like, "I love my new purple room, Mom. It's sure to keep the monsters away."

I'm pretty sure she was mocking me here but whatever works and gets her back to sleeping through the night!

This weekend also may have marked the end of napping.  I know!  As I was telling this to Tyla (Jill's day care provider and a family friend) this morning, I watched for the reaction of a fellow parent.  His son is younger but you could tell he didn't like the sound of no naps.  And we didn't either at first.  But now that we (she) has cut out that nap, she's sleeping much better at night.  We'll see how this goes ....
Here's a picture of us "resting" Saturday afternoon. It's taken after Jill's first real incident/injury in the early afternoon. She was running and tripped over a pile of dirty laundry and literally flew through the air.  Her forehead landed in the middle of the dryer door, which was - of course - open.  I expected to see blood shooting out of her head, but it immediately turned into a bruise and egg. It was awful.
Here's Jill and Cole playing with Play-Doh on Sunday. They're such good buddies!

President's Day Weekend

Last weekend included the vomit bug (first time ever) and a miserable Sunday.  But it also included lunch with Tony and Kathleen at Sweetwaters, quality time in Vermont and a special visit to Nana's work on Monday.

Not to mention "panpape" facewarmers!
first pick? a book called "Sniper"
How many books can she snag from Nana's library?
Too many, apparently!
(this picture cracks me up)

checking out two recommendations from Nana
(no books called Sniper!)
stopping for a picture in the "big kid school"
ending the long President's Weekend on a high note with Nana

February 13, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

Today we went to the dentist.  For the first time.
I saw Dr. Kennon growing up and now Jill will see his daughter, Ann.  Mrs. Ventura works there too, which is a bonus and familiar face for Jill's future visits.
I was nervous.  But Jill wasn't.  She was thrilled.
Until she was asked to lay back in the chair.  That's when Mom hopped into the seat and Jill was cool as a cucumber again.  On top of me.
Jill had 20 beautiful teeth. She was patient during the cleaning and listened well to the hygienist.  Then she got to visit the famous (in my memory) toy chest.  First she carefully selected a green heart-shaped bracelet, which she then exchanged for an orange truck.
check out my truck!

heart-shaped sunglasses and a heart-shaped lollipop on the way to Tyla's house - I'm so incredibly proud of our big girl and her first very successful trip to the dentist!

February 11, 2013

Snow With a Shot of Vitamin D

Saturday was too cold and too windy to enjoy the 2+ feet of snow left by the blizzard.  Sunday was a different story.  It was warm (relatively speaking) and sunny with little to no wind.  In no particular order, here are some pictures from playing outside on Sunday:

February 6, 2013

Memories from Mom

At first I didn’t understand where my Mom’s texts about the Blizzard of 1978 were coming from. Then I realized: It’s the 30th anniversary of the storm that dumped 27+ inches of snow on Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Blizzard of 78 lasted two days from February 5-7. It killed approximately 100 people, injured around 4,500 and caused more than $520 million ($1.85 billion today) in damage (thank you, Wikipedia).

Last night’s texts from my Mom
Joe And I were home all week
The highway was closed
We went to the store and to get beer with Joe’ s ice fishing carry all – a wooden
Milk cart on half skis
Party party
Just thought I would tell you again
I am sure I have told u this before !

It was one of the only times I helped shovel !
Have pics somewhere

I think we’re going to have to dig up those photos this weekend.

February 3, 2013

Potty Training Complete

Hopefully I don't jinx this but Jill has been wearing big girl undies for 4 DAYS now without an accident.  I think we're there.  I think we made it through potty training.  It was a long journey but in the end, it happened when she was ready.  Jill is a determined and somewhat hardheaded kid.  It wasn't going to happen until she said so! 

So January 31 was (knock on wood) Jill's last day wearing a Pull Up!!!

Our Maine Visitors

Tony's sister, Andrea, her husband, Chris, and their dog, Calvin visited from Maine this weekend.  Jill sucked up all the extra attention and love and didn't complain one bit, until Sunday late morning when it was time for them to head back to Maine.

 Cal the dog model
 Saturday afternoon playing pass with Uncle Chris,
in her tutu pulled over her pants
 "I'm up... Dry... And asked auntie to help me use the potty!"
- text I received from Auntie Andrea while I was grocery shopping (not really, I finished food shopping and then met Tony, Chris and my brother at Curley's for a beer!)
 being a goofball
 watching a movie with Uncle Chris
 cuddling with Auntie Andrea
I think she's trying to bribe me here to go outside.  I think "Baby" was the offering.
 Chris and Andrea
 waving Goodbye to our special weekend visitors
Thanks for making the long trip guys!