February 26, 2012

Swansea & Dighton

Visiting Swansea: Cole and Jill (I love how Cole has his hand on Jill's leg. Watch it there, buddy!)
Visiting Dighton: my cutie nephew, Guy (Yes, he is walking and yes, it is scary!)
Jill kept saying, "No, no, no Guy" and taking his toys, etc. The girl knows what she wants!
 Born to be Cute
Hanging out at my Mom's for the weekend before leaving for my first business trip to Mexico. A whole week away from Jill, Tony and Rachael!
On Sunday, we put in an offer to buy a boat and it was accepted. We are SO EXCITED to spend this summer on the water with friends and family.  SO EXCITED!

February 22, 2012

It's Only Wednesday?

The day may take awhile, and a pot or so of coffee.  Jill was up for about 2 hours last night and we couldn't figure out what was wrong.  We went downstairs around 1:30 for some milk and an English muffin.  We let her hang out in our bed.  She was a squirmy menace.  The alarm clock on Tony's phone started beeping and I felt like it was going off in the middle of the night to catch a flight.  Why else would you get up this early?  But no, it was 20 minutes later than we usually got up and this wasn't the first time the alarm had gone off. 

The night was rough but we somehow kept our humor.  Tony, at one point, told Jill she only needed to learn three letters: FML.  It was hysterical at 2 in the morning but of course can't be repeated.  We don't need Jill saying FML to the day care director.  We also discussed dropping her off at an orphanage at some point in the middle of the night.  Hey, she might like it.  She'd make friends quickly and run the place!

So yes, a tough morning, but on a positive note, Rachael got to go to work with Tony.

February 21, 2012

A Trip to Mexico

this will be me next week - in the pool by 3:05!
Exactly 7 days from today, I will leave for my first work trip.  I've done 2 and 3 days away from Tony before but it's been to meetings in southern Vermont and Newport.  These spots are relatively nearby and don't require a boarding pass.  Next Monday morning I'm leaving Tony and Jill for A WEEK to fly to a sales meeting in Playa del Carmen!  I'm so excited but very nervous at the same time.  I've never been away from Jill for that long.  I'm hoping the packed agenda and beautiful location will keep me occupied.  Meetings are scheduled from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. so I might even come back with a little color!

February 20, 2012

Presidents' Day at the Musantes

Presidents' Day.  A good chunk of family and friends have the day off from work.  Tony, not so much.  He did, however, get a good laugh out of Jill's naptime antics.  The gist of the story is that I heard two loud bangs come from upstairs while cooking lasagna in the kitchen.  This was about 20 minutes after I put Jill down for a nap.  I walked into her room to find two books on the floor and Jill - pantless with no diaper.  "Potty?" she asked.  The look on my face must've been priceless as I tried not to laugh.  We sat on the potty to no avail and went downstairs to put on a fresh diaper AND pants.  She's finally asleep now next to me on the couch and I'm watching Toy Story 3 for the 172nd time! 

February 18, 2012

1C1 Reunion

Jill was in heaven with Katie's toy area
just feeding the baby
Emma & Kell - it was my first time meeting Emma and she was a doll!
Elisa & Jill - playing dress-up in Katie's room. Jill loved the outfits and shoes.  She also loved Norman (II), Katie's fish!
taking the attention in
 my college roommates - love them! Around the table starting on the left: Christine, Maggie, Emma, Jen, Katie, Kell & Elisa
nice wings!
 check out the heels
Katie - excuse me - Snow White

February 12, 2012

Raiding the Pirate's Booty

camping in the living room on Sunday
Jill has preferred less clothing lately!
 Percy the train & static electricity!
 the first true cheesy smile
I loved the pigtails!!
Jill and I bought Pirate's Booty this weekend. No more, says Tony. "That stuff is like crack to her!"  Ok, yes, she likes it a lot and shovels it down in handfuls.
Sunday was frrrrrrreezing but we got outside for a few minutes to run around.  I am looking forward to temps in the high 40s this week!
Tony and I took advantage of the free babysitter (my Mom) Sunday night and went out for an early Valentine's Day dinner to the Fox and Hound.  Yes, I had my favorite sangria.  Two glasses.  We shared scallops wrapped in bacon, pizza and chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream.  It was delicious and very nice to get out, just the two of us!

February 10, 2012

Friday Night Slumber Party

My old high school friend, Sarah, and her beloved bulldog, George, spent the night on Friday.  Sarah was so good with Jill, probably from all of her experience with her cutie nieces.  We stayed up talking way too late and drank too many beers while laughing at old Arrested Development episodes playing in the background.  Here are some pictures from Saturday.

 52 pounds of pure love
 Jill and George were buddies.
 not impressed when they left
 Saturday afternoon crafts before Dad came home from his trip to Oregon
Play-Doh bracelets!
movie time with Jill, Horsey, Big Baby, Bear, Doggie, Glow Worm, Bob and Doggie (the spotted one)

February 9, 2012

February 5, 2012

The Super Bowl ... Before the Sadness Set In

 pre-game wagon ride
 sporting the Pats blanket
The game was fun ... for awhile ... before the depression set in.

February 3, 2012

February 2, 2012

Not a Decaffeinated Type of Day

You know the days when you wake up and feel like you should just stay in bed?  Like you don't really feel quite on your A game.  Well, I should've pulled the covers up around chin this morning and stayed put.  But instead I dragged my ass out of bed a little after 5.  Tony left for work early and wasn't home for Jill's grumpy wake-up.  She was a handful.  All she wanted was her Dad, the one thing I couldn't give her to make her happy.  We left the house about 15 minutes later than usual.  As we passed Dunkin' Donuts I noticed the lack of a line in the drive thru.  I should stop, I thought.  No pods left in the house and it's been a rough morning.  Oh I haven't mentioned I was up half the night coughing and transferred my sorry self to the couch at 2 a.m.  I drove by Dunk's.  Man, I knew I should have stopped.

Jill seemed indifferent at drop-off.  I was grateful that 4 other kids were already sitting down at the table and eating their strawberries, Cheerios and waffles.  This served as a good distraction to unpack Jill's food and get her settled.  Off to the T.  Delays.  Lovely.  The awesome MBTA's switching problems at Porter Square had messed up the red line commute and my morning.  A coffee would have made this commute a touch less awful, if I had the elbow room to drink it.  I felt like a pissed off sardine.  Arrive at work almost 40 minutes later than the norm.  Get coffee.  2 cups.  Get through the inbox and start in on a project.  It was 9:30 and I was finally hitting a groove.  Until 10, that is, when Miss Cindy called and said they thought Jill had the beginnings of pink eye.  Well that was a productive day at work!  Back to the T.  I walked into the toddler room to find her upset and crying.  Cindy said she was very clingy all morning.  So we went to the doctor for 11:45 and sure enough, Jill has conjunctivitis.  You can barely tell so hopefully we caught it early enough for the medicine to kick in and for Jill to feel better for the weekend!  She's asleep on the bed next to me now.  Lots of rest; lots of fluids; and lots of Mom cuddle time today and tomorrow.  Doctor's orders.