April 30, 2012

One Happy Kid

Sunday at Granna's house
literally running around in circles!

Nana visits Thursday-Saturday = one happy kid.
Add Granna in the same weekend at the same time (Saturday) and you have another level of happiness, bossiness and other "showing off."

Happy grandmothers and happy kid = happy parents out for a kayak ride

April 22, 2012

The End of Vacation

Tony came to visit us Thursday night.  He successfully put Jill to bed (of course since I'd been struggling all week); we went to the Red Parrot for one drink; and we fell asleep.  Big night out!

Jill and I walked Tony to his truck early Friday morning and stopped at a cafe on the way back.  Jill wanted a plain bagel, of course, that is until she saw my chocolate-filled croissant.  It was honestly heaven.  Jill thought so too.  Anyways, on our drive back we pulled into the Glen Manor House entrance.  The site of our wedding reception.  It's still so beautiful and impressive today, nearly 10 years later.

 We drove straight to the boat yard to see our new boat in the water.  Floating!  Such a relief.

 Jill was excited to move the boat to our slip in D Dock.
But we parked in the wrong slip.  Thank God my Mom and Jill went back to my Mom's for lunch, visiting the neighbors, etc. because it took the two of us 6-7 attempts to pull into our assigned slip.  The wind was strong and I was stressed!  But it worked out...
 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's nice
 first non-family visitors: The Barbozas
Jill and I met Mel and Cole this weekend for ice cream at Somerset Creamery on Rt. 138 (the newer location).  Here's Jill showing off for Cole.
And here's me.  Relaxing on the boat.  It's going to be a freakin' awesome summer!!

Vacation - Thursday Afternoon

Auntie Jess and cousin Guy visit!

loving cousin?

or future rugby star?

a sleepy ABCs with a little soul at the end

Vacation - Thursday Morning

 a corn muffin fan - who knew?
 back to the Cliff Walk to explore the other side
 maybe I should nap or else...
 acting like she owned the place
 this one too

 this is a scary pic of me but I really like it of Jill. makes me want to squeeze and kiss her!

 rockin' the new sweatshirt and bracelet

 of course she found a playground
 I stopped because I thought we could run her into the ground and she would nap. And I would be happy.
So she ran and played with three other kids.  And cut them in line to the slide.
And she napped later on, not at 12 or 1 but pushing 4 or 5. It was like this all week.
She didn't want to miss a thing!

 mmmmmm lobster roll and home fries for lunch at Franklin Spa
 and a grilled cheese for the kid who should be napping
cell phone entertainment, it's better than Jill crawling under the table or tearing open more Splenda packets!

Vacation - Wednesday

 "seagulls!!" excited that the flying rats came to visit the balcony Wednesday morning
 mmmmmm Life cereal! Up before the hotel breakfast at 8 a.m.
 up so early in fact that we let Granna sleep and explored
 just me and Jill ...
and a few random joggers and landscapers
 our hotel
 a few hours later we headed to the 12 mile drive through the mansions and the Cliff Walk
 beautiful weather!
 a long ways down

 lunch at the Red Parrot
 thrilled with her pasta
went out for a bottle of wine and came home with a 10-year wedding anniversary gift for - myself
I know, it sounds lame. But I have to tell you that Tony sounded quite relieved!
 I almost forgot the wine I was so excited about my gift!
Happy my Mom's back
Jill was SUPER Mom-centric all week - sweet yet very tiring
our big Wednesday night out, just the two of us