September 1, 2010

Well Bust My Boiler!

Oh Thomas the Train, what a funny show. Jill loves it! She's yelling at me from her Pack n Play right now but I know she's on the brink of conking out. We're home for the second day in a row. Jill has a 101.2 temp and is miserable with her teeth trying to cut through. My Mom was ready to give me instructions over the phone on how to take Jill's temp in her bum. I know it's more accurate so that's how I managed it yesterday afternoon and twice today already. We're heading to the doctor's office for an 11 a.m. appointment. Poor kid! We gave her Tylenol for the first time last night. She puked it and her 8 oz. bottle of formula up all over herself. We gave her both again. She whimpered for an hour or so. I went to bed (I made it all day without coffee!) and Tony stayed up watching TV and the lines on the baby monitor. Anytime we think Jill may wake up, Tony prefers to be awake and ready. He's not a fan of waking up and then helping, which I don't mind. I like my sleep.

We ventured out for another jog this morning, beating the heat and humidity the afternoon is sure to bring. Jill miraculously was asleep when we got home so I made a Mom-centric decision. Bright red and sweaty, I double checked Jill's stroller straps and buckle and sprinted up the stairs to take the quickest shower ever (my mother-in-law actually takes the fastest showers in the world but I was close). I felt guilty leaving Jill on a different floor but I knew she was safe; and I knew I would smell later if I didn't rinse off! Showering is a luxury with a newborn, sick or teething baby. Shaving my legs? Forget it!

This morning while we were getting ready for the doctor's, I realized Tony hadn't vacuumed the rug in our bedroom (subsequently full of Rachael fur) so I put Jill in the only spot that seemed logistic at the moment: a clothing drawer in my bureau. They're deep, so she wasn't going to fall out. She seemed to even enjoy it!

Has anyone seen the Wiggles episodes? These guys are creeps! Their songs and dances are catchy though, aren't they?

We're back from the doc's and I'm very glad we went. As new parents, we assumed Jill's teeth were bothering her, but come to find out she has a viral infection in her throat. She likely picked it up from day care on Friday since infections take about 48 hours for symptoms to show up. Her temp registered at 101.7 (up .5 from the morning) and she weighed in at 17 lbs., 1 oz. We were told to keep monitoring her temp and giving her Tylenol to help with the discomfort and to encourage fluid intake. No school again tomorrow! Tony is staying home this time. The phone calls to work should be entertaining! Poor Jilly.... she's napping right now, so peaceful! You know she's hurting when she wakes up crying instead of her usual happy self. Can't wait until she's feeling better and full of smiles again!


  1. Sorry Jill isn't feeling well :( Poor kid!! Than has been really weird lately and not sleeping AT ALL day or night. I do think it's just teeth though. He isn't especially cranky, just not wanting to sleep. Oh well. Life as a Mommy!

    Cute picture. She is completely adorable! Love her!

  2. Lilly has had a fever too! On and off about the same temp for 2 days now. Even with her being our third I swear I have no idea what is going on...such is life! Btw, I love the background!

  3. Today is Jill's 4th day with a temp (and 4th day out of school that we still have to pay for ... the worst!). She's been going to bed fine but waking up SCREAMING around 10. I think her sore throat is really bothering her. Tony said he wanted to find out which parent brought their sick kid to school last week and sit outside their house and set off M80s every hour on the hour ... !

  4. Scratch that: No fever today! Still a day home from school though since you have to be temp-free for 24 hours before coming back. We follow the rules!