July 29, 2011

Electric Youth

Jill's hair must have been damp - and she must have slept in a funny position - because she looked like a singer from the 70s this morning with her feathered bangs.  We called her "Debbie" all morning.  Tony said it was 70s name.  I'm sure he was thinking of Debbie Gibson (did I own her perfume? I think I did).  Either way, she looked hysterical. 

Her mood this morning matched her crazy hair and she wreaked havoc as she chased the dog, used the diaper box as a hat, untied the bow in the back of my shirt and dumped Rachael's food on the floor.  Pictures from this week below...

Ode to Maine. Making a sign for Nana.

"Debbie" with Mom
bathtime goof

July 23, 2011

To Hull and Back

We made the short 25 minute drive to Nantasket Beach this morning.  The weather was strange but the radar looked like everything was going to miss us.  Still we didn't feel safe staying too long.  It was just enough time for Jill to run around like a crazy lady.  Not as nice as Wells Beach, ME but it did the trick today!  Jill absolutely LOVES running through the sand, stomping her feet in the water and chasing down seagulls!

Sunshine, Sand and Sparklers

Because 26 pictures isn't enough to illustrate our trip to Wells Beach (see previous post)... Thanks for sending, Kim!

*The WB Top 10*

1. Naps are longer.
2. Appetites are bigger, especially for fried seafood, watermelon and spaghetti.
3. You can learn bargain shopping tips from Grandma. It’s all about Ocean State Job Lot.
4. There are never too many Diet Cokes in the cottage.
5. A few day drinks on the beach are tasty, especially Corona (#1 helps too).
6. Sparklers are still fun, more specifically Morning Glories.
7. What’s summer without soft serve ice cream? You just need to eat it before it melts all over your hand, arm and leg.
8. Nightly walks on the beach aren't just for the dog.
9. Kayaking can be hazardous. Kayaking in the ocean can be a lot of fun!
10. Time with family is precious and priceless.

July 14, 2011

More Photos from the Fourth

Thanks to Kim for sending these fun photos from our walk along the beach and time playing in the yard.  We are looking forward to visiting with Tony's family next week in Wells Beach, ME.  I bought Jill two new bathing suits and a beach cover-up today!

July 11, 2011

Is my Girly Girl Really a Movie Star...Doctor...or Tomboy?

Halfway to next weekend (and our vacation next week!), here’s the round-up from last weekend:

Saturday: Jill pooped on the potty! We were in the bathroom brushing our teeth when she lifted the lid, pointed to the seat and grunted. So I whipped off her pants and shorts, she sat down – I’m yelling for Tony to run upstairs – and she pooped. We cheered. Jill smiled. It probably won’t happen again for awhile but man was it exciting!

Jill and I were out the door by 7 a.m. to drive down to my Mom’s then to the hair salon in Berkley. We were there for almost two hours and Jill was amazing. Then we checked out the Designer Outlet store in Raynham. Jill was napping so my Mom went in first. It’s the type of store that you really need time to browse. We – or rather Jill – did not have the patience for this. She did, however, enjoy being in the dressing room with me and trying on colorful bangles and rings. Later that afternoon we went to the boat yard for a party. Jill was shy at first but warmed up after a bit, probably due to the other kids. She played/interacted with Guy, Sophia, Lily, Gavin and Lucy and had a blast! She bounced her knees to dance to the music, ran around the yard and rolled through the grass. Did I mention this is when I told her it was time to go home? Yeah, she had no interest in that. She reached down to the dirt and washed her hands and face with it like it was body wash. Is my girly girl really a tomboy? Saturday afternoon it definitely seemed so.

Saturday night Jill successfully pushed her bedtime back and I had to let her cry it out. It seemed like a long time but it was only 3-4 minutes before she passed out on top of Violet (my Mom later delicately removed). She went to bed about an hour later than usual. I headed to Franklin but wrote down directions incorrectly and drove way past my destination – the British Beer Company – and took a lovely tour of Franklin and Wrentham. Drive 18 miles down 140 instead of .18. Nice, Meg. I finally got to the BBC and was greeted by a smiling Josh, a longtime high school buddy. Behind the bar was a very grown up 23-year-old Jay (aka Jay Jay), which made me feel ancient since I babysat him back in the day. Josh and I played catch up. It was really great to see him. We haven’t hung out in a long time but it didn’t seem like that. Got home around 1245 and had myself a nice bowl of watermelon, orange and lemon sherbet. Only available at my Mom’s during periods of dental surgery.

Sunday morning we decided to head home. We bravely drove into the Market Basket parking lot at 9 a.m. (usually we go right when it opens at 7) and filled our cart with everything we could fit. Jill seems to really enjoy grocery shopping. She holds my wristlet; she rips up the list; she watches the strange people who shop at MB. On the way home, I did my best to keep Jill occupied and awake. Passing back crackers and singing our ABCs. Jill was definitely participating more and cheered at the end every time we finished. I sang other songs for her too but apparently need to learn more. I don’t think Jill’s going to get the Dighton Elementary favorite of Magalenahoopadocawhopatocahopamocapoca anytime soon. We were back home Sunday and Jill was so excited to see Tony and Rachael. Rachael was excited to see Jill too. She knocked her over with kisses. Jill was wild for a bit then went down hard for a 2.5 hour nap. My Mom came later in the afternoon and Tony and I headed out on the sailboat. It was much windier than forecasted and the seas were rough. I’m not going to lie: I almost lost lunch a few times. We motored out for a short ride but realized there wasn’t really a calm spot to put the sails up (we’re new at this!) so we motored around and back to the mooring. A fairly unsuccessful trip to the boat but still good experience. I was happy to get back into the dinghy. I think Tony felt badly about our so-so boat ride so he suggested we grab dinner (and my favorite Sangria) at Trivia Night down the street at the Fox n Hound. Good idea. Yum yum.