July 29, 2011

Electric Youth

Jill's hair must have been damp - and she must have slept in a funny position - because she looked like a singer from the 70s this morning with her feathered bangs.  We called her "Debbie" all morning.  Tony said it was 70s name.  I'm sure he was thinking of Debbie Gibson (did I own her perfume? I think I did).  Either way, she looked hysterical. 

Her mood this morning matched her crazy hair and she wreaked havoc as she chased the dog, used the diaper box as a hat, untied the bow in the back of my shirt and dumped Rachael's food on the floor.  Pictures from this week below...

Ode to Maine. Making a sign for Nana.

"Debbie" with Mom
bathtime goof

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