June 27, 2012

10 Years and It's Flown By

A few reasons to get married in your early 20s:
     1. Facebook wasn't invented yet. No tags down the aisle.
     2. It's your friends' first wedding; therefore the best. No comparison.
     3. You're young and in love. Stupid and naive with no fear or cynicism.
     4. Your husband is your best friend. He finishes your sentences and completes your thoughts.
     5. A cross-country move, multiple jobs, personal losses and a beautiful baby girl. 10 years: It's flown by.

Some shots from that amazing day, so long ago there are no digital files.  I took these with my Mom's iPhone this weekend. Apologies to those not shown.  Everyone present remains an important part of our lives.  You just weren't in the photos I found this weekend - sorry!

Professional photos by Roberta Cordeiro. Click to enlarge.

Happy Anniversary, baby!
June 27, 2002


June 17, 2012

Boat Time

 Saturday at the Cove
 our boat ... soon to be Owl's Nest

 Tony and Brian
 Jill and Heidi
Sunday boat ride to Fogland Point
Father's Day
Glen Manor House in the distance
(wedding reception site 10 years ago this month!)
 Fogland Point

 Captain Scott
 OK, tell me this isn't the sweetest set-up.

 chillin' with Dad
 looking for boats, seagulls, anything to yell at

This kid LOVES her Dad!
and not napping while we're on the boat...

To Some Amazing Men on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the proud Dads out there.
Dads in their "Dad" jeans posing at the front door on their way home from the hospital (my Dad with Scott)
 Dads who love to take their kids swimming
 and ice fishing.
 Dads are always good for an awkward family photo
and bad birthday singing,
and Umbro soccer shorts and t-shirts
 and walks down the aisle.
Grampy Furze plus a little champagne with his sister (literally Sister) Marjorie. Gramp used to say that people who swore - he specifically used the F word as an example - had a poor vocabulary.  He loved to birdwatch and his lap was always ready for my chubby bum to sit and listen to "The Night Before Christmas" many, many Christmas Eves.
Grampy Canning - expert skiier, WWII vet (as was Gramp Furze) and wearer of the craziest plaid "slacks" you've ever seen.  Always a gentleman to my Gram, even when sick he'd still manage to pull out her chair at the dining room table.

Chuck: my father-in-law and Jill's Popa
Jill completely adores Chuck!
Father's Day 2012
my brother and his son, Guy
Scott has changed so much since his wife, Jess, gave birth to Guy last May. He's really an amazing Dad.
And then there's Tony, my husband and the best Dad I could ever imagine for Jill.  Here's a picture of the two of them from today, just chillin'.

June 12, 2012

Whale Watch

I'll post the pictures first.  You can read the commentary afterward.  Let's just say that the seas were rough and Jill did not fare well.  I'll update with more details very soon! (click on photos to enlarge)