June 27, 2012

10 Years and It's Flown By

A few reasons to get married in your early 20s:
     1. Facebook wasn't invented yet. No tags down the aisle.
     2. It's your friends' first wedding; therefore the best. No comparison.
     3. You're young and in love. Stupid and naive with no fear or cynicism.
     4. Your husband is your best friend. He finishes your sentences and completes your thoughts.
     5. A cross-country move, multiple jobs, personal losses and a beautiful baby girl. 10 years: It's flown by.

Some shots from that amazing day, so long ago there are no digital files.  I took these with my Mom's iPhone this weekend. Apologies to those not shown.  Everyone present remains an important part of our lives.  You just weren't in the photos I found this weekend - sorry!

Professional photos by Roberta Cordeiro. Click to enlarge.

Happy Anniversary, baby!
June 27, 2002


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