September 28, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Addison!

Today we were able to celebrate Addison's 3rd birthday at Zoink's Fun Factory in Oxford.  Jill had an absolute blast and we were excited to catch up with Tim and Hesper and to see their new home on the water following the party.

 Cadence and Jill haven't seen each other in months and they were as close as ever the entire party!

Beating up on Tim and we didn't stop it.

September 24, 2014

Write That Down

How many times have you thought I need to write that down after your toddler says something brutally honest, hysterical or clever?  Here are some recent comments worth capturing:

A few weeks ago, Jill said she was about to tell me I was “getting fat,” when then she remembered I was a “pregnant person.”

One day last week before school, Jill and I were looking for her missing sneaker.  Jill dug it out from underneath a pile of shoes and declared, “Here it is, Mom!  It was just camouflaged!” Her expanding vocabulary…

Last Thursday night after Jill and I visited the hair salon Tony was telling Jill that her new shorter cut made her look older, and he couldn’t believe she was almost five.  Jill responded, “Yeah Dad, it happens every year!” Like duh, isn’t that obvious?

One morning on the Cape while my Mom was still sleeping in our tight quarters beach rental, and Jill was wide awake, she asked to watch an episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  “Can we watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates and turn the energy down?”

Late September Down the Cape

Saturday morning we took off for a long weekend down the Cape.  The weather cooperated and we celebrated my Mom's 62nd birthday with Scott, Jess and Guy on Sunday.

 Mayflower Beach

 Sunday: Guy arrives!

 Scott & Tony kayaking to Sundancers

late lunch at Sundancers

 kayaking home

Scott & Tony kayaked w/ the kids.  Jess and I went back to the beach house and napped!

Tony & Guy

back to Mayflower

her favorite part of the trip: "saving the fishies" - transporting them from the tidal pool to the ocean - look at that face!

My Mom's grandkid count is about to double. Jess is 37 weeks and I am 21!

back at the beach house

West Dennis Beach

Skippers for an oceanfront dinner

Can you tell we liked Mayflower Beach? Trip #3 Tuesday morning

Breakfast at the Red Cottage Restaurant Tuesday. Jill also ate all of her chocolate chip pancakes at Grumpy's on Monday morning.

Don't we all watch TV with our bums in the air?

our monkey at the playground

September 18, 2014

Zoo Bums

Jill's been lucky enough to visit Roger Williams Zoo the past few Mondays with my Mom.  It looks like they've been enjoying themselves!

September 16, 2014

Fall Festival Time

Some pictures from Sunday morning's trip to the Fantasy Faire at Frerichs Farm in Warren, RI.

her scary face