March 9, 2010

The Mad Crapper

Jill’s photo shoot was a success! Mary Beth, my friend from work, took a ton of great shots! Jill wasn’t in the smiliest (just made that word up) mood but MB captured a few smirks and they are as cute as they be. One picture (included above) I sent to everyone. I’m like that proud Mom who can’t stop bragging. On that note, Jill slept in her crib in her own room about four weeks ago now. It was the Monday night of President’s Day Weekend and I was going to work the following morning. We put her in the crib and she fell asleep (after a little bit of a fight) around 10pm. We were both freaked out and got up at least once each to make sure she was still breathing. She seems to really like the crib and the space to spread out her long limbs. Nightly snoozes last from 9:30-10:30 to around 4-5. (Since I started working on this post, her schedule has shifted to 8:15ish-5.) After a feeding and a little attention, Jill will go back to sleep until 9ish. She’s getting the hang of things. Is it bad to say that I felt like I loved her more when she started sleeping longer? It’s the truth!

It’s been amazing to watch Jill’s development in the last few weeks. She’s smiling more (and coming very close to laughing), holding her head up longer, eating more, maintaining eye contact longer and just being more interactive overall. It’s very cool to hear the new noises she’s making too, lots of cooing and just different noises that make you think she really wants to talk. Who knows? Maybe she thinks she’s already talking away. I have a feeling she’s going to be a little chatterbox like her Mommy.

I went back to work three weeks ago and it’s been interesting to say the least. It’s nice to see my work friends again and to have adult interaction. And like Jill, people in my marketing group need a lot of things but at least they can verbalize them and tell me what they need. Jill just cries. (As a side note, we’re really starting to know what her different cries mean. She also doesn’t cry often. She fusses right before a nap and cries when she’s hungry. Overall, she’s a happy baby.) It’s been a little frustrating to listen to comments about how hard it must be for me to be back at work already. Of course people mean well, but it’s like well why don’t you remind me that I’m here at work and away from her? Ha thanks for making matters worse! And you know, being away from Jill is getting easier. It makes days home with her extra special and a little work/life balance is a good thing!

For the first two weeks back at work, my Mom and Tony’s Mom helped out a lot. They stayed with her during the day and also helped us out around the house. I stayed home a day so did Tony. He had training with a few (emphasize a few) wet diapers but hadn’t changed a dirty diaper yet. He advised Jill not to poop before I left for work that Friday. She didn’t listen. I got a hysterical picture in my email around 8:30 of Jill with a (clean) diaper on her head. The subject: The Mad Crapper. Jill was giving Dad a run for his money! At the end of the day, Tony acknowledged it was hard work. She needs nonstop attention, he said! So with the help of the Grams, Jill was able to start day care two weeks after I went back to work. I think that made the transition a bit easier. Co-workers warned me that the first day care drop-off day would be tough. I knew it would be more difficult than leaving her with family but I didn't anticipate my reaction. I was sobbing in the parking lot. It was much harder than I had expected. I called only once during the day and Jill was doing great. We got good report cards (sheets that report pee, poop and nap times and fun activities) and realized that the interaction and experience she was getting at day care was something we could not match at home. And so the next day was much easier. And the following day was even easier. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the same!


  1. have you noticed that Jill wants to go to bed earlier after being in daycare? Bella had been going to bed around 9:30, but since we switched daycare and she's having more fun interacting with her "friends" we can barely get her to stay up past 7:30. It's rough only spending an hour or so with her week nights, but I love knowing she's having fun and being stimulated more than she probably would be if she were home with me doing laundry, cleaning, etc. It really does make you appreciate the weekends!

  2. Yes! She has definitely been going to bed earlier since starting day care. She loves it! It's so good for them socially, isn't it?

  3. It is. And now that Bella sits up on her own she loves participating in circle time with the other kids every morning. They clap and give her encouragement when she does something new or practices her skills.