November 1, 2015

Caroline's Mini Photo Shoot

Tony's co-worker Bethany made this beautiful blanket for Caroline when she was born.

We tried to get a few nice pics on it this weekend.

The leaves were distracting but Dad was helpful!

oh wait, another leaf

found a stick

There it is!

October 31, 2015

Halloween Festivities

On Friday afternoon, the Cannings came for a visit.

We wanted to get the kids together in their costumes.
It was an added plus that my Mom could come over at the same time, of course.

Snapping a decent shot of all four didn't happen,

but they were funny!

Queen Elsa striking a pose in this beautiful dress that Mrs. Sanson made for Faith to wear last year.

Jess and her boys

sisters Elsa & Anna

Jill changed into her witch outfit for trick-or-treating at her school on Friday night.

Hugs for friends Sophia and Holly outside of the school

Kylie, Cadence, Sophia, Jill, Lucy, Gavin & Colton

pumpkin carving involved power tools

For Saturday night, Jill selected a different Elsa costume.  

counting and sorting

and smelling the chocolate goodness

* Happy Halloween *

October 23, 2015

Calling All Pickers

I was intrigued by the subject line in an email from Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, RI.  "Calling All Pickers," I mean, come on, how much fun could that be?  OK, so I got a little carried away by taking a vacation day and asking my husband to do the same.  I pictured a scene straight out of I Love Lucy of Lucy and Ethel.

But that's grape stomping, and grape picking is very different.  Not as glamorous and bees are included.  Grapes had been harvested on the vineyard grounds for the week so we drove with a group to a private residence on the water.  Picture a scene straight out of The Great Gatsby.  The all-organic vineyard was there as decoration.  And so we were the help for the day.

Too bad my lens wasn't secure.  This pic is pretty classic.  It was a diverse group of pickers and we were the only English-speaking.

Back at the vineyard and tasting room...

These grapes, which weren't ready to pick the day we visited, are for the Cabernet Franc wine.

We came home with a bottle, along with bottles of the Greenvale Chardonnay, Greenvale Vidal Blanc and Rosecliff Pinot Gris.  Paid in wine.  Now that's pretty sweet!