September 3, 2015

The Start of Kindergarten

Kindergarten Open House - September 2
Mrs. Perrin's Class

Thrilled to ride the bus around the block 
"It went FAST!"

The Night Before Kindergarten

SO READY for her first day - September 3

waiting for the bus with her new neighbor Maiah

the bus was running late so they made themselves comfortable

and then it came and the girls were jumping up and down

off she goes, without even a hug!

the start of kindergarten

August 2, 2015

Congratulations Heather & Steve

Here comes the bride!

Heather's Dad has ALS. He stood up with the help of others to dance with her for the father/daughter dance.  It was one of the most emotional moments I've ever witnessed.

Reneka & Mike

Heather's a Pats fan and Steve is a Bills fan.  And she got him to get married at Patriots Place.  That's impressive.


the Genzyme/ex-Genzyme girls

Tara & Chris

first dance

Steve can dance AND play the guitar!

watch out

here comes Tara

obviously having a ball out on the dance floor

the sweetheart table

Genzyme folks

Chris steals the bride.

I annoy Tony.

He gave in for a picture,

and one more when we got home.