June 23, 2014

Cali Visits Mass

My cousin and her growing family are in town from California. They met us out on the boat in Pirate's Cove Saturday afternoon and we celebrated Chris's birthday that evening at our house. On Sunday, Jill and I went to the Berkley Common to watch the firetruck parade before the muster began at 1. Jill's face when some of the firefighters started hosing down other kids was absolutely priceless. Complete fear and amusement at the same time and I've never seen her run so quickly! Sunday afternoon the kids played in the frigid water, chased bubbles and bounced fearlessly on the trampoline. It was a really fun weekend catching up with our family from the opposite coast!

June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Our first family boat ride of the year to Potter's Cove

Point Street Visit

Yesterday's 6.5-hour playdate was a blast! Jill only stopped running to hop in Paddy's Wagon for a few rides by the water and through the woods. I think she'll be talking about this day for a long time!

June 11, 2014

Our Little Graduate

Who knew that advancing from junior kindergarten to kindergarten required an extensive and very entertaining ceremony on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June (when the boat is in the water). Other families dragged multiple generations along and saved seats, but despite the annoyance Jill was adorable. And we're incredibly proud of her and what an enthusiastic learner she has become!(First pic illustrates the hazard spellcheck + an Italian last name)

April 6, 2014

Flying Kites

Jill and I love to attend events put on by the Berkley Library and Mrs. Quinn. Wednesday's kite building workshop was no exception. Jill was a natural!

Baby Grey On the Way!

We're back! Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Last Saturday Tony and I went to Mary Ellen's baby shower. Tony hung at the bar with Ethan and I took a bunch of pictures, of course. The weather was rainy but inside the restaurant was gorgeous and so well-decorated for the afternoon. Can't wait for Baby Grey to make his way into the world!