April 16, 2015

Spring is Here

Jill and Ava playing dress up and making up dance routines

Saturday was so so nice to spend time with my girlfriends from high school (Whitey not pictured). All we need now is to get Carah to move back home and we could all get together, all the time!
Notice Tyla's daughter, Charlotte, is getting away while Tyla tries to calm Caroline in Mobi wrap.

me, Sarah and Mel

weekend morning snuggles

all dressed up for Ryan's Christening
Tony: "Jill, you look beautiful."
Jill: "I know."

more snuggles

playing at Rob and Nancy's house

Caroline taunting us instead of sleeping

Caroline is so expressive!

hugs for Mom
I bribed Jill with watching Wild Kratts to take this picture.

playing with our neighbor, Christian, at Rob and Nancy's house

April 4, 2015

March 31, 2015

Caroline's First Day

“First day?,” a fellow Mom asked.  I nodded my head yes and tried to smile.  I’m no nookie to the first day drop-off but apparently it’s just as hard the second time around.  I held it together for a few minutes but as soon as Caroline started to fuss and cry it was like someone had turned on the faucet.  I watched as her teacher, Miss Andrea, warmed the milk then gave her a bottle.  It wasn’t me caring for her.  God, that was so tough to watch for the first time.  My baby was 10 weeks old and starting day care. 

My husband laughed and told me to get a grip.  My five-year-old daughter, Jill, looked worried and confused at the same time but offered multiple hugs anyway.  I knew Caroline was safe.  I knew she was in qualified and caring hands.  (Tony joked she was likely better off than being home with him!) And while I knew all these things, I still bawled while pulling out of the parking lot.  I still cried for several exits down 495 North.  The first day drop-off does not get easier after the first kid.  Don’t be fooled.  But I know tomorrow and every day that follows it will get easier and easier.  

Tony texted me and Nana this picture with the caption: Someone had a good first day at school. 

Both girls fell asleep on their Dad.
Again, adorable.