September 8, 2015

Hitting Up the Zoo Before School Starts

Some pictures from our trip with friends to Roger Williams Zoo on September 1

Meeting Gi-Gi Canning and Newport

Last Saturday, Aug. 29 we visited Gram Canning in Portsmouth.

It was the first time Caroline and Gram had met.

We ventured down the road to Newport for the afternoon to visit Mel, Brian, Cole and Emma on their boat.  We went swimming in the indoor pool.  It was Caroline's first time swimming and she loved it!

out to lunch at the Barking Crab

Congratulations Casey and Na

Casey and Na were married on August 22 at Lake Pearl in Wrentham.  Their wedding was SO much fun!  They held a family cookout at their home on Sunday.  Jill played on the water slide for hours!

Around the Yard and Neighborhood

September 3, 2015

The Start of Kindergarten

Kindergarten Open House - September 2
Mrs. Perrin's Class

Thrilled to ride the bus around the block 
"It went FAST!"

The Night Before Kindergarten

SO READY for her first day - September 3

waiting for the bus with her new neighbor Maiah

the bus was running late so they made themselves comfortable

and then it came and the girls were jumping up and down

off she goes, without even a hug!

the start of kindergarten