May 30, 2011

My Yogi

Better form than her Mom!

Just Hanging Out

Houston and Tony go kayaking, twice

belly rubs for all!

so cool in her heart-shaped sunglasses she didn't notice the Cheerio stuck on her chin
It was nice to stay home this Memorial Day weekend.  Our furthest trip was to Georges Island on Saturday for Laurel's surprise 30th birthday.  Heidi and Houston came over Sunday morning (Heidi a bit later) and left by cab if that tells you how our afternoon and evening went.  The guys went kayaking twice.  We grilled steak tips, corn and potatoes.  We drank well too ... today was a recovery day!

May 28, 2011

What a Ham

I asked Tony to try to snap a new picture of me and Jill.  He directed Jill to sit in front of the shed and kayaks.  She ran over, saw that the camera was out, flipped to her side and smiled! 

The Demise of Hesper's Sunglasses

Snap .... all done!
Good job, Jill :(

Island Time

Happy 30th birthday to Laurel! 
A day trip to Georges Island

May 27, 2011

Snack Time

Shannon and Jill have gone through the ranks together from the infant to the toddler room.  On Friday, Mom showed up early for pick-up just in time for snacks.  Jill happily shoveled the apple sauce into her mouth and drank milk out of a cup without spilling.  Hey, I was impressed!

May 25, 2011

Summer is Almost Here


yeah! Dad is home from work!
Today seemed like the unofficial start of summer.  Temps reached the mid 70s.  Commuters swapped their fuzzy Uggs and tall rainboats for flip-flops.  The sun was shining.  My pasty white arms blinded co-workers.  Jill smelled like sunblock at pick-up.  Summer is almost here!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather with our first soft serve ice cream stop at Harry's on Sea Street in Quincy.  Two cups of vanilla later and we were on our way to the playground.  It was a really fun afternoon!  Some pictures from this week are above (click to enlarge).

May 23, 2011

Finally Some Nice Weather

helping with weekend yard work
It's warm out! showing off new 24 mth. clothes from Nana
helping Dad with the mulch
Saturday night - Canadians in Eastie
Sunday: mulch, railroad ties, flowers. Looks like a whole new yard!

my lunatic

May 15, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo Sunday for the National Kidney Foundation Walk with colleages and ...
buddies Hesper, Tim and Cadence!
a "very useful engine," helping push the stroller

let me at those chickens!