April 16, 2015

Spring is Here

Jill and Ava playing dress up and making up dance routines

Saturday was so so nice to spend time with my girlfriends from high school (Whitey not pictured). All we need now is to get Carah to move back home and we could all get together, all the time!
Notice Tyla's daughter, Charlotte, is getting away while Tyla tries to calm Caroline in Mobi wrap.

me, Sarah and Mel

weekend morning snuggles

all dressed up for Ryan's Christening
Tony: "Jill, you look beautiful."
Jill: "I know."

more snuggles

playing at Rob and Nancy's house

Caroline taunting us instead of sleeping

Caroline is so expressive!

hugs for Mom
I bribed Jill with watching Wild Kratts to take this picture.

playing with our neighbor, Christian, at Rob and Nancy's house

April 4, 2015