March 26, 2012

Birds' Nests & Mulch Beds

 if it were up to the Musante aunties, this one would play field hockey
 not only does Jill enjoy cleaning, she also helped out in the yard on Saturday
 helping Mom spread mulch
 a bird built a nest in Jill's hair overnight
 How can a 2-year-old destroy a house in minutes
 and seem to play with every toy - old
 and new
 this bracelet turned into an anklet

 and a collar
the 'We didn't do anything' look
 the fashionable Jill trying on Auntie Kathleen's Hunter rainboots
 and failing
Lucy and Jasper (filling the baby doll crib) warmed up to Jill even more this weekend.  Jill loved having them around, along with Webster and Rachael too!

Another fun trip to Nana's in VT!

March 18, 2012

Boating Season Is Near

Our new boat was hauled to Shaw's Boatyard on Friday.
Tony sanded the bottom on Saturday.
We took the shrink wrap off on Sunday.
 Jill's path to bow.
 My directions for Mel and Brian: take a right at the goats.
 taking it all in on Saturday afternoon
 our first non-family visitors on Sunday: Mel, Cole and Brian
 Cole's such a happy baby!  All smiles even when he just wakes up from a nap.
Looks even nicer when you frame the shot without the bottom.
It will be painted next weekend.
Mom Power

Jill went with my Mom to visit Gram Furze again and we went to Curley's for a late lunch with the Barbozas.  The weather was beautiful and it was a great afternoon!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 This is what happens when I ask Jill to put her head up.
 hugs for her buddy
 Jill wore her tutu to the Wrentham Outlets and to visit her Great-Gram Furze.
My Gram's antisocial cat lets Jill pet her!

March 16, 2012

Birthday Weekend

A little late, but some pictures from last weekend:

 heading out to meet Jess and Mandy at Trinity Saturday night
 This kid loves food, specifically pasta, of any variety!

Sunday morning breakfast at the Milk Bottle
Lesson learned: Jill is well-behaved until she's full; then all it's all downhill from there.
 Jess, Mom and me Sunday afternoon as we were heading back home

March 12, 2012

Dress Up

drinking milk from a "special" cup
yes, that is a margarita glass
and yes, she is wearing her fairy Halloween costume
this beautiful dress finally fits! 
direct from Aunt Paula & Hilary's trip to China a couple years ago
"oh my goodness"
Jill loves playing dress-up.

Baby Rabies, a hilarious blog I try to follow on a regular basis, mentioned The Hair Bow Company in a recent post.  I shouldn't have gone to this website.  It has the cutest wings, hair bows (obviously, by its name) and tutus.  And they're cheap!
The ribbon fell apart within 2 minutes.  That's because Jill was using it like a Swiffer. 
Maybe she's not a complete tomboy after all.  We shall see...

March 11, 2012

The Zoo

 On Sunday morning, we headed to Roger Williams Zoo in Providence.

It was my birthday and I really wanted to do something fun as a family.
First stop was to see the seals.  Seals are always a hit, especially now that Jill "swims" in the tub.  Maybe she thinks she is a seal ....?
 quick break
The giraffes and elephants were inside.  Jill looked mildly shocked by the three giraffes galloping around and acting very playful toward each other.  She wasn't as impressed with the elephants.  It's not like they can move as quickly in such a confined area!

 Can you do the penguin walk?  Jill can.
 jump chart - a spider can jump 2ft?  I was totally grossed out by this statistic.
 With Dad's assistance, Jill jumped as far as a moon bear!
 and again
 Which exhibit do you think was Jill's favorite?

It surprised us, but Jill loved the very playful otter named Slip.  Jill smiled, squealed and laughed as Slip dove in and out of the water, again and again, and again.
Where else can you get this close to a bald eagle? 

Very cool.

A successful trip to the zoo.  We will definitely be back!

March 6, 2012

Potty Training, Sort Of

"Potty!," Jill yells.  Deep down I knew she is messing with me and not likely to actually go on the potty but still the excitement takes over and I rush her to the toilet.  Tonight was no exception.  No pee.  She stood behind me while the tub filled with warm water, admiring herself in the mirror.  And then she peed, all over the tile floor, right next to the potty.  Like a step away... I turned my head to laugh so that she wouldn't see me.  No need to reinforce peeing on the floor.

"Stop!," I yell as Tony opens the bathroom door.  He comes inches from stepping in the yellow puddle. 

Good thing we've molded into fairly relaxed parents and things like this just end up giving us a good laugh!  We'll talk about it again tonight before bed and it will turn into a funny story to tell in the potty training saga.  You know, like when her first date comes to the house in about 28 years.

All About Jillian

(but when is it not?)
showing me her scrapbook from school while ripping selected pictures out and throwing them on the floor
playing outside a few months back - the wild one who swung from the monkey bars
Is it just me or does this kid have HUGE hands? 
playing with Joey, enjoying some carrots, washing her hands, brushing her teeth and painting with an apple