March 26, 2012

Birds' Nests & Mulch Beds

 if it were up to the Musante aunties, this one would play field hockey
 not only does Jill enjoy cleaning, she also helped out in the yard on Saturday
 helping Mom spread mulch
 a bird built a nest in Jill's hair overnight
 How can a 2-year-old destroy a house in minutes
 and seem to play with every toy - old
 and new
 this bracelet turned into an anklet

 and a collar
the 'We didn't do anything' look
 the fashionable Jill trying on Auntie Kathleen's Hunter rainboots
 and failing
Lucy and Jasper (filling the baby doll crib) warmed up to Jill even more this weekend.  Jill loved having them around, along with Webster and Rachael too!

Another fun trip to Nana's in VT!

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