April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt & Backyard Fun

Lined up at Tyla's house and ready to go!
Sunday morning Easter egg hunt
playing in the woods
Cadence held Jill's hand and Jill held Lucy's hand - very cute!
Jill wanted to be like Gavin
Whitey with her cutie kids, Ava and Cullen (another one copying Gavin!)
Guy and Cole meet
may be the happiest baby on Earth
the starting line
she had no idea what was going on
and they're off!
Jill quickly caught on
see what I mean...
poor Lucy was going for the eggs by the swingset
but my kid got competitive
Go Guy
walking like a champ before 1!
hanging in the swing
Cole and Guy play
Sophia, Nicole, Bob, Ava and Whitey (I never call her "Amanda")
Go Sophia!
swinging high
Mel & Cole
like I said - the happiest baby
Cole pushes Jill
the madhouse known as Tyla's house - it's always filled with kids and good times!!
checking out the loot
what's in here anyways?
brother & sister with offspring


  1. Meg!!! GREAT pics!! Such a fun time with all the kiddos! Can't wait for more fun kiddie stuff in the future!! BTW Jill is adorable!!! xoxo Thanks for making more memories with your wonderful pictures!!

  2. You're welcome, Whitey! You know I'm always good for some pictures. We had a really fun time!