March 31, 2015

Caroline's First Day

“First day?,” a fellow Mom asked.  I nodded my head yes and tried to smile.  I’m no nookie to the first day drop-off but apparently it’s just as hard the second time around.  I held it together for a few minutes but as soon as Caroline started to fuss and cry it was like someone had turned on the faucet.  I watched as her teacher, Miss Andrea, warmed the milk then gave her a bottle.  It wasn’t me caring for her.  God, that was so tough to watch for the first time.  My baby was 10 weeks old and starting day care. 

My husband laughed and told me to get a grip.  My five-year-old daughter, Jill, looked worried and confused at the same time but offered multiple hugs anyway.  I knew Caroline was safe.  I knew she was in qualified and caring hands.  (Tony joked she was likely better off than being home with him!) And while I knew all these things, I still bawled while pulling out of the parking lot.  I still cried for several exits down 495 North.  The first day drop-off does not get easier after the first kid.  Don’t be fooled.  But I know tomorrow and every day that follows it will get easier and easier.  

Tony texted me and Nana this picture with the caption: Someone had a good first day at school. 

Both girls fell asleep on their Dad.
Again, adorable.

March 29, 2015

10 Weeks Old

Finally some nice weather!

Sunday night was tough. Caroline did a lot of crying so Jill and I decided to take this pic and try to make light of our crappy evening.

Girl-Powered Weekend

On Sunday, my old Genzyme friends drove an hour south of Boston to visit the 'burbs.  There were several comments about living in the sticks but there were no complaints about the food prices at the restaurant.  You can't do brunch for four in Boston for $50! After our meal, we went back to the house for Tara, Reneka and Heather to see the family.

Jill was being shy so all pics are with the child who can't object or hide.

This follows an entire conversation on hashtags, something Heather knew nothing about.

It was an awesome morning catching up.  So happy they made the trek!

Showering the Queen and Princess of Crosby Road

Kelley and Jordan are expecting a baby girl, Kayla, in early May (May 10 to be exact). This Saturday her mother-in-law, Wendy, and other family members threw her a beautiful shower at her home in Grafton. I had a really fun time catching up with my college roommates - Jen, Maggie, Christine and Elisa. I can't believe it's been 13 years since we graduated!

Baby McAdams
Westfield State Class of 2037

Kayla will be baby girl #7 for this group!

Sorry, Kell!

Wendy & Kelley

March 26, 2015

Time is Flying

Hello there.  Sorry for the hiatus.  Here are some recent pics to start.  Commentary to follow.  (Because who really reads the commentary?  It's all about the new pictures.)

celebrating St. Patty's Day with Sarah and our neighbors, Nancy & Rob

This is what we refer to as "Jillin'"

Rachael getting in some tummy time

Tony loves the ears on this Gap outfit from Carah, like laughs out loud loves them.

"Julian" helping Dad change the oil.

Would you call these pants "Mom jeans?"

first time visiting Dad's work

Tony has his own office in the new building. Caroline was diggin' it.

She loves playing with this horse from Tyla, which used to be a favorite of her daughter Cadence.

Caroline has "Jillin" down too, sometimes.

Jill was over the moon crazy excited to score this dress at Kohl's with Tony. She wore it the next day to "Wear Green Day" at school, aka St. Patrick's Day.


matching outfits courtesy of Aunt Andrea


Two months flew by.  All of these goals and projects in mind to tackle while I was on maternity leave and barely any of it got done.  I was lucky to fill the glass vase bedside lights with seashells nevermind paint the trim in the downstairs bathroom or our bedroom.  I sorted Caroline's clothes, sort of.  I kept up with laundry.  I mean I washed it, sometimes folded it and barely ever put it away.  Because I spent eight weeks snuggling with this miracle we named Caroline.  I napped when she napped.  I watched HGTV and Law & Order while she slept in my arms and I stared at her.  I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath - not to mention the soft spot on her head - and I cried multiple times.  How can I love this little being so much?  

We've been lucky enough to have family watch Caroline these first two weeks back at work part-time.  Next week is the real deal.  I'll be back at work full-time and Caroline will be joining Jill at day care.  I'm nervous but I think I'm ready.  I've thought about asking Tony to come with me to drop off.  Will I be able to walk out the door?  Will I be able to drive myself to work?  I hope so.  I think I'm ready.  Time is flying and we're ready to transition into the next phase of life as our family of four.