May 31, 2012

Girls' Night

While Tony was out to dinner with a work vendor and enjoying the Red Sox game from this incredible view last night, Jill and I had ourselves a little girls' night.  It started with a stop at the playground which ended 45 minutes later with Jill on the ground crying.  She didn't want to leave.  I'm fairly certain I hinted the promise of soft serve ice cream if she would let me carry her to the car instead of flailing her arms and legs.  And then I drove straight past Harry's.  Bad Mommy.  Oh well, she seemed to forget.  Until 100 yards down the road when she started yelling, "ice ceam! ice ceam!!"  The ice cream store is closed for some reason and you can have a brownie after dinner, I told her.  Manipulative?  Maybe.
Jill insisting on wearing her "pincess" jammies from Nana for a second night in a row.  FYI Jill, it's a mermaid but whatever.  She also asked for her blue fur clip as soon as she got out of the tub, meaning she was still naked but wanted the accessories!

Bedtime has been painful for the last few weeks.  We're thrilled if Jill is asleep by 8:30 and that's not saying much.  Last night she handed me Go the F to Sleep and said, "Baby not sleeping."  Yeah?  No kidding.  Have you tried reading this book and replacing all of the bad words?  It's funny.

Sending Dad a kiss goodnight with the iPad

May 29, 2012

Busy Sunday!

Sunday morning we had a nice boat ride back to Dighton only to head out again in the afternoon with Heidi, Ela and Ethan. Above is Battleship Cove (the ship's name is Massachusetts) in Fall River. As history has it, "Big Mamie" fired the last 16 inch shell in World War II (thank you for that fun fact, John). Big Mamie is the state's memorial to those who lost their lives in WWII.  Fitting for Memorial Day Weekend.
 the girls
 the little girls: Sophia, Jill and Lily
Sunday afternoon cookout at Scott and Jess's house

Sophia playing in the sandbox
 water play with Granna
 loving the watermelon
Jill didn't want to put on a shirt so we pulled up her skirt and made it a "Meg" hippie shirt.
 Jill wanted to be Cadence's sidekick.
 helping Dave and Cadence with the wagon ride
 trying very hard to blow out that flame
 story time with Tyla
 and out came the Tickle Monster!!!!

 listening for the glow worm underground
Jen brought glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces. Jill was thrilled!

Maiden Voyage

Saturday afternoon we left Jill with my Mom and met Sarah at the boatyard for our first overnight trip on the boat.

We rafted up with 4 other boats from Mel and Brian's marina. Great pic, Brian!
Here's Tony getting creative with the new camera lens.
a nice evening
Saturday night lights

Forecast: Possible Showers

I look forward to rainy days during the work week.
Jill gets to wear this adorable coat!

Cole & Jill

Captain Cole and his First Mate on Mother's Day weekend
 He'll be bigger than her in no time!
I forgot to mention in the Mother's Day post that while Jill was supposedly napping on Diversion (Mel and Brian's boat), she was actually drawing all over her lower half, including the bottom of her feet.  She looked like the drunk kid in college that passed out early and got the permanent marker treatment!

May 24, 2012

Conquering the World

I hope that Jill can continue to carry such confidence. Man, this kid is going to conquer the world!!

May 20, 2012

Fun Times with the Duvals

 Play-Doh pancakes
Jill was so tired but wouldn't go to sleep.
She didn't want to miss a thing!
So Cadence says something like this to me: "Meg, you should take off your clothes and paint with us." Hesper and I were in tears from laughing so hard!
the brood

May 19, 2012

A Beautiful Day for the Zoo

Friday was gorgeous - a perfect vacation day at the Roger Williams Zoo!

Gram & Mom
Yes, we purchased this hat at the zoo.
what a goofball
the giraffes!  "taller than your Dadda" I kept telling her
more animals
thinking about climbing the tree the big kids were on
 4 generations
Birthdates: 1926, 1980, 2009, 1952
lunch break
loving the elephants - there were 3!
asleep before we left the parking lot

Jill was asking for a popicle all morning.
My Mom and Jill stopped to get groceries (and popicles, obviously).
They also shucked corn for dinner which Jill apparently loved.  My Mom said she was laughing and squealing!

Tony and I spent the afternoon on the boat with our buddy, Ethan. 
It was a beautiful day!!

May 16, 2012

AmEx or Visa?

We're guilty of it too.  Give your kid a cell phone, set of keys, stuffed wallet - anything - to grab his/her attention for the 32 seconds it takes to throw on a diaper.  This is much more regular after bathtime as Jill gets a second (or 9th) wind and starts yelling her ABCs and running on the bed in circles.

Last night we used Tony's wallet.  As usual she went for the AmericanExpress card.  The Visa is a debit card with our checking account so I don't blame her going for the higher limit. 

Tony: "Jill, what are you going to buy with Dadda's credit cards?"
(I'm ready to lean in and whisper 'shoes.')

Jill: without hesitation "cackers"
We laugh.
"I'm gonna take Dadda's cedit cads and buy applesauce and cookies."
hahahah Ok then, at least she has a plan! Crackers, applesauce & cookies!
I would've went for the shoes!

May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 helping my Mom with her sneaks
 walking the dog Sunday morning at Granna's house

 three generations
 waving to Mumma
 waving to Gi-Gi Furze and Granna
 my Mom and Gram
 afternoon visit to see Mel, Brian and Cole
 thrilled to pieces
 Jill and Cole
 Mel celebrating Mother's Day at the Swansea Marina
 Brian the proud Dad
 late afternoon and dinner visit with Jess, Scott and Guy
 yeah wagon ride!
 Granna - grab my sandal!!
Brenton Point State Park
I grabbed Jess's camera to download birthday party pics and saw these great shots from their Mother's Day trip to Newport.
my brother, the proud Dad!