May 19, 2012

A Beautiful Day for the Zoo

Friday was gorgeous - a perfect vacation day at the Roger Williams Zoo!

Gram & Mom
Yes, we purchased this hat at the zoo.
what a goofball
the giraffes!  "taller than your Dadda" I kept telling her
more animals
thinking about climbing the tree the big kids were on
 4 generations
Birthdates: 1926, 1980, 2009, 1952
lunch break
loving the elephants - there were 3!
asleep before we left the parking lot

Jill was asking for a popicle all morning.
My Mom and Jill stopped to get groceries (and popicles, obviously).
They also shucked corn for dinner which Jill apparently loved.  My Mom said she was laughing and squealing!

Tony and I spent the afternoon on the boat with our buddy, Ethan. 
It was a beautiful day!!

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