May 16, 2012

AmEx or Visa?

We're guilty of it too.  Give your kid a cell phone, set of keys, stuffed wallet - anything - to grab his/her attention for the 32 seconds it takes to throw on a diaper.  This is much more regular after bathtime as Jill gets a second (or 9th) wind and starts yelling her ABCs and running on the bed in circles.

Last night we used Tony's wallet.  As usual she went for the AmericanExpress card.  The Visa is a debit card with our checking account so I don't blame her going for the higher limit. 

Tony: "Jill, what are you going to buy with Dadda's credit cards?"
(I'm ready to lean in and whisper 'shoes.')

Jill: without hesitation "cackers"
We laugh.
"I'm gonna take Dadda's cedit cads and buy applesauce and cookies."
hahahah Ok then, at least she has a plan! Crackers, applesauce & cookies!
I would've went for the shoes!

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