May 29, 2012

Busy Sunday!

Sunday morning we had a nice boat ride back to Dighton only to head out again in the afternoon with Heidi, Ela and Ethan. Above is Battleship Cove (the ship's name is Massachusetts) in Fall River. As history has it, "Big Mamie" fired the last 16 inch shell in World War II (thank you for that fun fact, John). Big Mamie is the state's memorial to those who lost their lives in WWII.  Fitting for Memorial Day Weekend.
 the girls
 the little girls: Sophia, Jill and Lily
Sunday afternoon cookout at Scott and Jess's house

Sophia playing in the sandbox
 water play with Granna
 loving the watermelon
Jill didn't want to put on a shirt so we pulled up her skirt and made it a "Meg" hippie shirt.
 Jill wanted to be Cadence's sidekick.
 helping Dave and Cadence with the wagon ride
 trying very hard to blow out that flame
 story time with Tyla
 and out came the Tickle Monster!!!!

 listening for the glow worm underground
Jen brought glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces. Jill was thrilled!

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