May 31, 2012

Girls' Night

While Tony was out to dinner with a work vendor and enjoying the Red Sox game from this incredible view last night, Jill and I had ourselves a little girls' night.  It started with a stop at the playground which ended 45 minutes later with Jill on the ground crying.  She didn't want to leave.  I'm fairly certain I hinted the promise of soft serve ice cream if she would let me carry her to the car instead of flailing her arms and legs.  And then I drove straight past Harry's.  Bad Mommy.  Oh well, she seemed to forget.  Until 100 yards down the road when she started yelling, "ice ceam! ice ceam!!"  The ice cream store is closed for some reason and you can have a brownie after dinner, I told her.  Manipulative?  Maybe.
Jill insisting on wearing her "pincess" jammies from Nana for a second night in a row.  FYI Jill, it's a mermaid but whatever.  She also asked for her blue fur clip as soon as she got out of the tub, meaning she was still naked but wanted the accessories!

Bedtime has been painful for the last few weeks.  We're thrilled if Jill is asleep by 8:30 and that's not saying much.  Last night she handed me Go the F to Sleep and said, "Baby not sleeping."  Yeah?  No kidding.  Have you tried reading this book and replacing all of the bad words?  It's funny.

Sending Dad a kiss goodnight with the iPad

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