June 10, 2012


Sorry, I've been slacking... some recent pics and a video for your viewing pleasure. 

 Visit to Nana's (two weekends ago)
 airplane ride!

morning run
 new toys from Auntie Andrea
ready for Auntie Kathleen's birthday cake
Yes, she's wearing a bathing suit. It was a gift from Andrea & Chris and she didn't want to take it off!
 monkey bars at the neighborhood "p.g."
the largest hunk of filet mignon I've ever seen
at Spark's Steak House in NYC last Friday night for work
 Saturday afternoon Red Sox game at Fenway
Sarah and I had really good bleacher seats with friendly and very fun neighbors all around!
 Sunday morning

 ok, late morning ....? 
 Sunday afternoon pool time with cousin Guy
They crack each other up!

 Swinging with Granna
 Swimming with Uncle Scott
June 10 Gram Furze turned 86! Here she is looking through some new pictures of her great-grandchildren, Jill and Guy.
And here's Jill, lining up toys for Gram's cat, Sophie.

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