November 15, 2011

Squashing the Winter Blues

No New Englander in their right mind looks forward to winter. Unless they're big into skiing or snowmobiling. My paternal grandfather fought in WWII on skiis in the 10th Mountain Division. My Dad was born snapped into bindings. Me? I can figure skate. I don't ski. I look forward to making it down the beginner slope to warm up in the lodge by the fireplace.

So why do we live here? Why suffer through the winter months when we could move somewhere warmer? It’s an annual topic of discussion in our house.

Most people have goals to work toward. Come November, we look forward to activities and special events. We work toward them in a sense. After apple picking comes:
  • a trip to The Enchanted Village with Jill and my Mom (this will be a vacation day because there is no way we are going on a Saturday or Sunday)
  • visits with the Musantes, Cannings and extended families and friends
  • the Turkey Trot 5K with Andrea and Kathleen before stuffing our bellies with delicious Thanksgiving food
  • Jill's 2nd birthday!
  • the Genzyme Children’s Christmas Party at the New England Aquarium
  • Christmas cookie baking at Gram Furze's
  • and of course, watching Jill open her Christmas gifts
Forget about the seasonal depression - It's going to be a fun winter!

Some recent pics:
Dr. Paulmann and the Westfield Communication Club visit Genzyme on Veteran's Day
 sitting on the kitchen counter makes everything better
 so do Mom's heels

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