November 7, 2011

A Fun Weekend Filled with Family and Crafts

 I love Vermont, especially Nana's sunroom
 and the rocking chair from Nona
 and the soft carpet and loads of toys, blocks and Legos!
 Saturday was filled with arts and crafts. It started with painting with my Nana.
 We played with Play-doh. Auntie Kathleen made a pizza!
 and colorful pipe cleaners too!
Apparently I looked like my Dad when he was little. He wore big glasses.
Time for some fresh (and chillllly!) air on the neighbors' playground - the slide was fassst!
 winding down with "The Little Engine That Could"
 Sunday morning I helped move furniture. I jumped on the mattress! Man, it was fun!
 I colored with Auntie Kathleen's markers from when she was little.
 Yup, that's me. "J - I - L - L"
 Jasper, Lucy and Webster are all warming up to me.
 Happy Birthday to my Nana!
 Papa pushed me around the house with the moving gear.
 I couldn't get enough!
Jump, dance, twirl and yell - making sure the bed frame was sturdy and ready to go!

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