September 12, 2010


Jill's first sleepover was a great time! We drove out to Webster, MA yesterday and Jill had the afternoon to play with Cadence. Cadence is walking, so basically ran circles around Jill but Jill did her best to keep up while crawling and pulling herself up. They were a riot together!

My first pilates class was a success. What a great workout! I scheduled the time already for next Saturday morning.

Above you'll also find a pic of the new "grocery getter" as Tony calls it and ripe raspberries from our garden. Makes unflavored organic oatmeal a delicious treat!

While the rest of New England was glued to this afternoon's first Pat's game, Jill and I ventured out on our own to Hannaford's. Jill hadn't napped and was refusing to do so. I found out why on the ride home when she finally relieved herself. It was the worst ever! We literally had to cut off her onsie like a patient in the ER. It was an emergency - a hazmat one - and Tony ran for the scissors then stood by on call in case I vomited. He's good back-up.


  1. I love the new car! Jill is getting so big! More power to yu with pilates...I tried and said...sticking with yoga.

  2. I'm trying yoga Thursday night. I'm nervous! I realllllly liked pilates though!