September 11, 2010


I've been trying to post for a week now and kept getting an error. Well I figured out the trick this morning. You have to select Publish twice. I have no idea why ... I do know I have lots to write to catch up! We had a great visit to VT over Labor Day weekend. We got a new car last week. Jill had her 9 month check-up and was a champ during her trip to the lab. She also got a nasty bug bite below her right eye. (Too bad it wasn't Halloween or we'd have a very authentic boxer costume.) I called the doctor after day care pick-up because it was so swollen. Honestly, I was annoyed the teachers hadn't called me at work. It looks much better today though.

Many more updates to come! Need to take advantage of Jill napping with Tony on the couch and put away laundry. I'm signed up for my pilates class today at 10:30. Then we're heading to Webster, MA to visit Tim, Hesper and Cadence. Jill's first slumber party!

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