September 7, 2010

Not Another Manic Monday

It's Labor Day (yesterday)! An extra day out of work. A day to drive back from the in-laws in northern Vermont, buy a car and handle grocery shopping - all with a 9 month old - before 3 p.m. What a day! Today I was thankful for my patient, wonderful baby. Jill had been beastly Friday night and a good portion of the weekend, miserable with her two front teeth breaking through at the same time. But Monday morning she seemed to come back around. Her change of attitude had great timing and we made only one stop during the trip home. More info and pics on our wonderful weekend to come.

Tuesday night and I'm equally impressed by Jill. She had her first day back at school in more than a week followed by nearly two hours at the car dealership. She was a champ! All smiles. She even banged the table with both hands and demanded a better deal. I will officially be in possession of a brand new Honda CRV tomorrow. Can't wait!

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