March 6, 2012

Potty Training, Sort Of

"Potty!," Jill yells.  Deep down I knew she is messing with me and not likely to actually go on the potty but still the excitement takes over and I rush her to the toilet.  Tonight was no exception.  No pee.  She stood behind me while the tub filled with warm water, admiring herself in the mirror.  And then she peed, all over the tile floor, right next to the potty.  Like a step away... I turned my head to laugh so that she wouldn't see me.  No need to reinforce peeing on the floor.

"Stop!," I yell as Tony opens the bathroom door.  He comes inches from stepping in the yellow puddle. 

Good thing we've molded into fairly relaxed parents and things like this just end up giving us a good laugh!  We'll talk about it again tonight before bed and it will turn into a funny story to tell in the potty training saga.  You know, like when her first date comes to the house in about 28 years.

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