March 11, 2012

The Zoo

 On Sunday morning, we headed to Roger Williams Zoo in Providence.

It was my birthday and I really wanted to do something fun as a family.
First stop was to see the seals.  Seals are always a hit, especially now that Jill "swims" in the tub.  Maybe she thinks she is a seal ....?
 quick break
The giraffes and elephants were inside.  Jill looked mildly shocked by the three giraffes galloping around and acting very playful toward each other.  She wasn't as impressed with the elephants.  It's not like they can move as quickly in such a confined area!

 Can you do the penguin walk?  Jill can.
 jump chart - a spider can jump 2ft?  I was totally grossed out by this statistic.
 With Dad's assistance, Jill jumped as far as a moon bear!
 and again
 Which exhibit do you think was Jill's favorite?

It surprised us, but Jill loved the very playful otter named Slip.  Jill smiled, squealed and laughed as Slip dove in and out of the water, again and again, and again.
Where else can you get this close to a bald eagle? 

Very cool.

A successful trip to the zoo.  We will definitely be back!

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