March 12, 2012

Dress Up

drinking milk from a "special" cup
yes, that is a margarita glass
and yes, she is wearing her fairy Halloween costume
this beautiful dress finally fits! 
direct from Aunt Paula & Hilary's trip to China a couple years ago
"oh my goodness"
Jill loves playing dress-up.

Baby Rabies, a hilarious blog I try to follow on a regular basis, mentioned The Hair Bow Company in a recent post.  I shouldn't have gone to this website.  It has the cutest wings, hair bows (obviously, by its name) and tutus.  And they're cheap!
The ribbon fell apart within 2 minutes.  That's because Jill was using it like a Swiffer. 
Maybe she's not a complete tomboy after all.  We shall see...

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