July 23, 2011

Sunshine, Sand and Sparklers

Because 26 pictures isn't enough to illustrate our trip to Wells Beach (see previous post)... Thanks for sending, Kim!

*The WB Top 10*

1. Naps are longer.
2. Appetites are bigger, especially for fried seafood, watermelon and spaghetti.
3. You can learn bargain shopping tips from Grandma. It’s all about Ocean State Job Lot.
4. There are never too many Diet Cokes in the cottage.
5. A few day drinks on the beach are tasty, especially Corona (#1 helps too).
6. Sparklers are still fun, more specifically Morning Glories.
7. What’s summer without soft serve ice cream? You just need to eat it before it melts all over your hand, arm and leg.
8. Nightly walks on the beach aren't just for the dog.
9. Kayaking can be hazardous. Kayaking in the ocean can be a lot of fun!
10. Time with family is precious and priceless.

1 comment:

  1. I am happy you had fun in Wells! Reading your number 5 reminds me of when we were younger and Auntie Kim & Gram had "red Cups!"