August 31, 2010

Rolling Down the Street

Finally used my fabulous jogger stroller this morning for -who would have thought- jogging! Why didn't I try this sooner?? Newborn soft spots, serious potholes and a December birthday delayed this fantastic discovery.

Running down Sea Street in my fitted tank top during Hough's Neck rush hour (7:30 a.m.) must not have been a pretty sight. But I have a theory about Moms with strollers (running or walking). They're out trying to get in shape so you should cut them some slack. I don't judge Moms!

Thank you again to my DB's (highschool girlfriends) for this wonderful shower gift!


  1. Graduated to running with one hand on the stroller today. I wonder if I look more or less clumsy ...

  2. Is that the "BOB?" I want one of those so bad! You will realize that after running with Jill all of the time on the streets to one time just fly!!!