April 22, 2012

Vacation - Wednesday

 "seagulls!!" excited that the flying rats came to visit the balcony Wednesday morning
 mmmmmm Life cereal! Up before the hotel breakfast at 8 a.m.
 up so early in fact that we let Granna sleep and explored
 just me and Jill ...
and a few random joggers and landscapers
 our hotel
 a few hours later we headed to the 12 mile drive through the mansions and the Cliff Walk
 beautiful weather!
 a long ways down

 lunch at the Red Parrot
 thrilled with her pasta
went out for a bottle of wine and came home with a 10-year wedding anniversary gift for - myself
I know, it sounds lame. But I have to tell you that Tony sounded quite relieved!
 I almost forgot the wine I was so excited about my gift!
Happy my Mom's back
Jill was SUPER Mom-centric all week - sweet yet very tiring
our big Wednesday night out, just the two of us

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