April 22, 2012

Vacation - Tuesday

What do you mean I have to go to work tomorrow?!  A full week off and I enjoyed every minute.  I'm dreading the alarm clock.  Sooooooo early ... 5 a.m. is coming soon and we'll back into the swing of a normal work week!

Here's a look at last week.  We had an amazing time in Newport Tuesday-Friday morning.  The boat is also in the water - she floats! - and we got to spend a little time relaxing on her.  Still debating on a new name so feel free to comment with ideas.

 checking out new elastics from Granna
 where's Jill??
 there she is!
 pulling up my pants - the "I do it myself" phase
view from our hotel room in Newport
Tuesday's weather was unbelievable!
Translation: First stop was Ben & Jerry's before lunch.
hanging on the balcony
I told her not to run.
 enjoying a chocolate chip cookie
 yum yum
 view from the coffee shop
 walking around Newport Tuesday afternoon
 checking out the hotel's observation deck
 pretty sunset, Mom

but not that pretty - wanting to leave the deck and "go outside"

 worth the tantrum

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