April 22, 2012

Vacation - Thursday Morning

 a corn muffin fan - who knew?
 back to the Cliff Walk to explore the other side
 maybe I should nap or else...
 acting like she owned the place
 this one too

 this is a scary pic of me but I really like it of Jill. makes me want to squeeze and kiss her!

 rockin' the new sweatshirt and bracelet

 of course she found a playground
 I stopped because I thought we could run her into the ground and she would nap. And I would be happy.
So she ran and played with three other kids.  And cut them in line to the slide.
And she napped later on, not at 12 or 1 but pushing 4 or 5. It was like this all week.
She didn't want to miss a thing!

 mmmmmm lobster roll and home fries for lunch at Franklin Spa
 and a grilled cheese for the kid who should be napping
cell phone entertainment, it's better than Jill crawling under the table or tearing open more Splenda packets!

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