April 22, 2012

The End of Vacation

Tony came to visit us Thursday night.  He successfully put Jill to bed (of course since I'd been struggling all week); we went to the Red Parrot for one drink; and we fell asleep.  Big night out!

Jill and I walked Tony to his truck early Friday morning and stopped at a cafe on the way back.  Jill wanted a plain bagel, of course, that is until she saw my chocolate-filled croissant.  It was honestly heaven.  Jill thought so too.  Anyways, on our drive back we pulled into the Glen Manor House entrance.  The site of our wedding reception.  It's still so beautiful and impressive today, nearly 10 years later.

 We drove straight to the boat yard to see our new boat in the water.  Floating!  Such a relief.

 Jill was excited to move the boat to our slip in D Dock.
But we parked in the wrong slip.  Thank God my Mom and Jill went back to my Mom's for lunch, visiting the neighbors, etc. because it took the two of us 6-7 attempts to pull into our assigned slip.  The wind was strong and I was stressed!  But it worked out...
 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's nice
 first non-family visitors: The Barbozas
Jill and I met Mel and Cole this weekend for ice cream at Somerset Creamery on Rt. 138 (the newer location).  Here's Jill showing off for Cole.
And here's me.  Relaxing on the boat.  It's going to be a freakin' awesome summer!!

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