February 2, 2012

Not a Decaffeinated Type of Day

You know the days when you wake up and feel like you should just stay in bed?  Like you don't really feel quite on your A game.  Well, I should've pulled the covers up around chin this morning and stayed put.  But instead I dragged my ass out of bed a little after 5.  Tony left for work early and wasn't home for Jill's grumpy wake-up.  She was a handful.  All she wanted was her Dad, the one thing I couldn't give her to make her happy.  We left the house about 15 minutes later than usual.  As we passed Dunkin' Donuts I noticed the lack of a line in the drive thru.  I should stop, I thought.  No pods left in the house and it's been a rough morning.  Oh I haven't mentioned I was up half the night coughing and transferred my sorry self to the couch at 2 a.m.  I drove by Dunk's.  Man, I knew I should have stopped.

Jill seemed indifferent at drop-off.  I was grateful that 4 other kids were already sitting down at the table and eating their strawberries, Cheerios and waffles.  This served as a good distraction to unpack Jill's food and get her settled.  Off to the T.  Delays.  Lovely.  The awesome MBTA's switching problems at Porter Square had messed up the red line commute and my morning.  A coffee would have made this commute a touch less awful, if I had the elbow room to drink it.  I felt like a pissed off sardine.  Arrive at work almost 40 minutes later than the norm.  Get coffee.  2 cups.  Get through the inbox and start in on a project.  It was 9:30 and I was finally hitting a groove.  Until 10, that is, when Miss Cindy called and said they thought Jill had the beginnings of pink eye.  Well that was a productive day at work!  Back to the T.  I walked into the toddler room to find her upset and crying.  Cindy said she was very clingy all morning.  So we went to the doctor for 11:45 and sure enough, Jill has conjunctivitis.  You can barely tell so hopefully we caught it early enough for the medicine to kick in and for Jill to feel better for the weekend!  She's asleep on the bed next to me now.  Lots of rest; lots of fluids; and lots of Mom cuddle time today and tomorrow.  Doctor's orders.

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