February 3, 2013

Our Maine Visitors

Tony's sister, Andrea, her husband, Chris, and their dog, Calvin visited from Maine this weekend.  Jill sucked up all the extra attention and love and didn't complain one bit, until Sunday late morning when it was time for them to head back to Maine.

 Cal the dog model
 Saturday afternoon playing pass with Uncle Chris,
in her tutu pulled over her pants
 "I'm up... Dry... And asked auntie to help me use the potty!"
- text I received from Auntie Andrea while I was grocery shopping (not really, I finished food shopping and then met Tony, Chris and my brother at Curley's for a beer!)
 being a goofball
 watching a movie with Uncle Chris
 cuddling with Auntie Andrea
I think she's trying to bribe me here to go outside.  I think "Baby" was the offering.
 Chris and Andrea
 waving Goodbye to our special weekend visitors
Thanks for making the long trip guys!

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