February 13, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

Today we went to the dentist.  For the first time.
I saw Dr. Kennon growing up and now Jill will see his daughter, Ann.  Mrs. Ventura works there too, which is a bonus and familiar face for Jill's future visits.
I was nervous.  But Jill wasn't.  She was thrilled.
Until she was asked to lay back in the chair.  That's when Mom hopped into the seat and Jill was cool as a cucumber again.  On top of me.
Jill had 20 beautiful teeth. She was patient during the cleaning and listened well to the hygienist.  Then she got to visit the famous (in my memory) toy chest.  First she carefully selected a green heart-shaped bracelet, which she then exchanged for an orange truck.
check out my truck!

heart-shaped sunglasses and a heart-shaped lollipop on the way to Tyla's house - I'm so incredibly proud of our big girl and her first very successful trip to the dentist!

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