May 10, 2011

Braintree or Ashmont?

Jill didn’t keep up her end of the bargain Monday night. She was a beast for Tony to put to bed. Wanted nothing to do with it actually, even though she was yawning and eye rubbing. She wanted Momma. She kept looking out the window for me, my car, any sign of arrival. Thanks, Jill. Now in addition to my raging headache, I also feel guilty.

Kristen, Jocelyn and I went out after work for what we refer to as Monday Night Martinis. This time it also included wine, beer and more vodka. We discussed trying a new spot south of the city so that we could meet up with Al earlier in the evening. I’m sure this shocks people who know Kristen; the girl doesn’t go south of Quincy Market. Anyway, when Al found out she had to work late we stuck to our original plan of Houston’s. We like it there. We feel like the bartenders know us. We pretend they like us, even though we haven’t been in nearly two months. Even though I broke a wine glass. Oh man…Houston’s has excellent dirty martinis (according to Jocelyn), delicious lemon drop martinis (according to Kristen), and yummy sushi. Of course we stopped at the Bell in Hand first for a Guinness. It’s a mandatory starting point for parking validation purposes only.

We left Houston’s around 7 and were ready to call it a night. Kristen and I commented on the $2 Bud Light bottle sign at the Purple Shamrock. All of the sudden we were inside and ordering at the bar. We made friends with Babson business school grad students out celebrating their upcoming graduation. They asked about Genzyme, biotech and marketing. OK, time to go home now; or join our new friends on their pub crawl and head back to the Bell in Hand, a mandatory ending point for my Monday evening out. To the Park Street train station and onto the red line. All of the sudden I was at Fields Corner. Hmmm this isn’t the North Quincy stop. OH MY GOD. I wasn’t paying attention and I got on the wrong train. I’ve never done this before. I need to get off the train, backtrack two stops and get back on a Braintree train. I texted my fellow Quincy friend, Heidi, to see if she could give me a ride home and I left my car at the T station overnight.  Points for redeeming some responsibility?  Yes.  Fun points?  Oh definitely!

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