May 13, 2011

Mental Health Hours While My Kid Gets Beat Up

There isn't a prize for coming home with the most accident/incident reports we reminded Jill on Wednesday.  She tied her record this week with three in one day.  It seemed like more since the inevitable "a child at the center has lice" note - along with all sheets and blankets - was sent home the same day. 

I left work at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.  Took a few vacation hours to buy groceries, pump gas, wash clothes, empty the dishwasher, wash more clothes, walk the dog and cook a nutritious dinner.  My colleague, Jasmine, called them mental health hours rather than vacation time.  Meanwhile, Jill was getting beat up at school.  The butternut squash was baking; I was stirring the sauce, egg and ricotta cheese into the pot of ziti (Jenna's recipe) when Michelle, the lead teacher at day care, called.  Jill was bitten.  She was innocently walking by said assailant when he/she bit the back of her left shoulder.  Skin was broken.  There were tears.  A second incident report involved a fellow toddler's failed attempt to pull Jill's hair.  He/she scratched her face instead.  The third was self-inflicted.  Jill gauged her face while napping.  She had been put down for a nap an hour early because she was falling asleep at the lunch table.  She was exhausted from her early wake up.  Early isn't an adequate adjective when we're talking 3:45 a.m.  This kid doesn't sleep past 5:15 lately but 4 a.m.?  Our conclusion: she was hungry.  Rationale: Jill is going through a growth spurt and needs to be stuffed with food before bedtime.  It's worth a shot.  Hey, we're not seasoned parents here.  Trial and error.

Jill's shitty day continued on Wednesday - literally - when she pooped in the tub during bath time.  I almost died but she did not seem fazed at all.  She might have even been pleased with herself.  This was a first, and a smelly one at that.  We evacuated and left the remnants for Dad when he returned shortly from work.  Welcome Home!  We're still laughing about it!

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