March 28, 2011

Turkeys and Turbo Shots

I’d rather say “too short” than “good” every Monday when co-workers ask how the weekend went. I suppose good is the polite response. This morning I could have whipped the Ibuprofen bottle out of my drawer, pointed to the jug of water and told them about my Sunday night out. It’s easy to get carried away when you don’t get out much.

Anyways, back to the too short weekend. I was spoiled Friday afternoon when Tony picked me up from work (we normally carpool in then I take the T home) with Rachael. We got Jill at day care and drove straight to my Mom’s for a seminar with Sandy Alemian, An Invitation to Remember. This is the spirit medium my Mom and I saw in January. She’s a great speaker and she said many things that hit home for both of us. Her message was to live in the moment and think with your heart, not your mind. I took two pages of notes…

Saturdays are usually strong napping days for Jill. She boycotted it this weekend. Instead, while I was running a few quick errands, she started talking. Jill’s been saying Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Ra-Ra (for Rachael), kitty and a few other words sporadically. Saturday she very purposefully said Da-Da while looking right at Tony. She made the connection; her voice was stronger; and she was quite pleased with herself when he responded. Later that afternoon, we made the short walk to the playground (thank God it’s so close because it was chilly and windy). Tony got to see Jill in action on the slide. He even took a couple rides down with her. That was a sight!

Our normal weekend mornings consist of walks around the neighborhood. Sometimes we walk to the beach; other mornings we go all-terrain down a wooded path. This Sunday morning we were joined on our walk by EIGHT TURKEYS! I kid you not. Turkeys, in Quincy, on a peninsula no less! It was a riot! People were stepping out into the cold wearing just their pajamas to see the group wandering down the street and through fenced yards. One neighbor’s dog got loose and came barreling toward the rafter (aka group of turkeys, I had to look that up). It was a frantic escape! Some beelined it to the nearest rooftop and others hung out in the trees. That’s when we made our move to pass on the left... Jill and Rachael were amused.

The sun was shining this weekend but the air was cold and the wind was bitter.  Tony worked cutting wood for the porch in the driveway, shielded from the wind by the house.  Jill yelled Da-Da, knocked on the window and smiled at him every time he went to make a cut on the sawhorse.  We discovered a new children's music channel on Pandora.  Jill danced in the kitchen (I may have danced with her) while I chopped peppers and onions for Andrea's turkey chili recipe.  We baked our weekly supply of sweet potatoes, butternut squash and acorn squash. 

Jill's a climber.  She really enjoys navigating stairs, flinging herself up on the couch and the like.  So when she was entertaining herself very well on Sunday and it went quiet for about 7 seconds, I thought she was getting ready to scale her stroller again.  I rounded the corner and found her one step from the top of the chairs.  My heart stopped.  She was thrilled.  There goes my Mom of the Year Award.  Minus that incident, we had a really fun day of dancing and singing, painting, playing and cooking.

Tony and I were excited to get out of the house for adult interaction Sunday night.  We planned to meet Heidi and Houston at The Fat Cat and since my Mom kicked us out of the house, we arrived early.  There was a wait.  Ummm we never go out.  Sorry, but we're not waiting.  Tony suggested a restaurant a few doors down.  He looked it up on his phone.  Asian fusion tapas or something like that.  Right up Tony's alley.  You know that's not true!  Back to the Fox and Hound we go for pizza and boneless buffalo tenders.  And Trivia Night.  That was an added bonus when sitting at a table with the Master of All Useless Information Tony and Movie Buff Houston.  Heidi and I held our own.  We also shared a bottle of pinot grigio after a pint of Magic Hat #9. 

Tony and I went to bed around 10, which is honestly an hour later than a typical Sunday night, only to be woken up by a very upset Jill at 3:30.  She was uncomfortable, sitting up in her crib with tears streaming down her face.  We think she had gas bubbles from the regular pasta with parmesan cheese that she had earlier in the day.  It was the only item new to her diet that day.  Back to wheat pasta for sure!  Jill finally went back to sleep only to wake up again about 40 minutes later.  Our 5 a.m. alarm reset itself for 6:15.  That's more like it.  My headache could have been from the wine or the lack of sleep.  But getting up at 5 to sweat on the treadmill was not happening.  I would rather sit in traffic on the Expressway, thank you.  This morning I was thankful for my loving and patient hubby for pulling into the Dunk's drive thru when he saw the short line.  That medium coffee with turbo shot may have just saved the day!

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