March 24, 2011

Diaper Rashes and Faux Fur Thursdays

"Have you tried Triple Paste??" My fellow parent colleagues raved about this stuff. I'd never even heard of it. You mean there's creams, ointments, potions and lotions in addition to the ones we've tried? Some prescription, most not, the list is long. A+D, Mometasone, Butt Paste, Mupirocin, Nystatin, Lotrimin but Triple Paste? Tony, can you please stop at CVS on your way home and pick up really expensive diaper rash cream? Sure, why not? We'll add it to the basket. Hopefully it works. Which creams/ointments have worked best for you?

Diaper rash or not, Jill was styling in her faux fur vest from Gi Gi Smith today. If there was a Best Dressed award, she would be a strong contender. She was also a complete goofball in the tub tonight (notice the waves). Overall, it was a much better day!

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