March 23, 2011

The Forgotten Sippy Cup

This morning was a disaster. Halfway to the T came the realization that I didn’t pack Jill’s Nutri Grain bar. OK, no big deal. I didn’t pack her milk yesterday and I seamlessly swung into CVS and sprinted through the parking lot. Tony saw me while he was waiting at the light and asked me to please not do that again. I looked like a fool. Better than running through the store, I told him. Today was a different story. Today was a disaster.

We’d already passed CVS so we opted for a Panera stop. If I had known that Susie from Blue Cross and Blue Shield was buying breakfast sandwiches with different bagels and toppings for each for her entire office, I would have driven a few minutes out of the way and back to CVS. The wait in this line prompted an addition to Jill’s croissant order: a medium dark roast coffee for Mom. So I walk briskly through the parking lot, jump into Tony’s truck and start talking about how irresponsible I am. Tony doesn’t have lunch. Jill didn’t have milk yesterday. She has nothing to go with her grapes today. I’m losing my mind, and the like … My loving husband informs me that Jill is not upset with me; he is not annoyed in the least bit and could have made his own lunch; and the only person beating themselves up over these little things is myself. Good point. Deep breathes.

Arrive at day care. Fill two post-its of reminders for Jill’s endless diaper rash. Please tuck in onesie, don’t button. No juice, please, just water. Wipe with warm water and soft towels provided. Apply prescription cream mid-day. I check that everything is labeled in black magic marker. Peak into the fridge to grab her sippy cup. It’s not there. It’s clean in the dishwasher. So much for the deep breathing as I feel tears coming on and pressure building in my chest. Back to the house.

Grab stupid sippy cup. Back to day care. Michelle, the assistant director: “I tried calling your cell phone to catch you. I can’t apply Jill’s cream without the prescription information.” This is the ointment that she was using the majority of last week. This is the ointment that she chewed the box with the prescription information so I threw it away. Fantastic, I thought. This has been an awesome morning. Call the doctor’s office while sitting in traffic on the expressway and request the prescription information be faxed to my work. Arrive at work nearly an hour later than usual. Co-workers can tell something is wrong. All I have to mention is that we forgot the sippy cup this morning and all the parents nod their heads and smile. They understand. Thank God. More coffee, please.

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  1. The irony of today: Jill had an extra sippy cup at day care. It was stored in a different spot. And she drank out of a cup today anyway - big girl! Miss Cindy said the A&D helped more than the prescription ointment. What a day - I'm going to yoga!