March 31, 2011


The world needs leaders, my colleague Dan said after I told him about Jill and her inability to wait in line.  Each day Jill comes home from school with a report.  It includes details like diaper changes, "I ate all, most or some of my lunch," naptime, things I did well today and things I need to work on.  Jill needs to work on being more patient and waiting her turn.  What are some ideas to practice this at home?  I think her patience will increase as she spends more time at day care and plays with the neighborhood kids after school at the playground.  But, as Dan pointed out, the world needs leaders, and it seems that Jill carries an in-charge personality and may be destined to lead.

It's been a challenge two or three days this week to get Jill to actually leave day care.  She's thrilled to see me but then gets sidetracked with toys, the chalkboard or other kids when it's time to put on her coat and walk out the door.  I guess that's a good thing.  We know she really enjoys it there!

Jill's been big on immitating us this week.  She puts on deodorant, stretches her hamstrings while sitting down and does yoga moves like child's pose.  She also dances and smiles while watching herself in the mirror, so much so that Tony made a comment this week like, "who needs a little sister when you have a mirror!"  The one-and-done or have a sibling conversation is for another post.  Have a good night!

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