April 1, 2011

Remembering Two Great Guys

April Fools’! I’m waiting for the first prank of the day. My Dad was big into April Fools’. Some well known jokes included: plastic wrap on the toilet seat; Molly the cat’s fur on a string and pulled along the kitchen floor like a mouse (whereas my Mom jumped onto a chair screaming); and setting the house alarm off (not funny to my very young brother who cried while I laughed at him). As “All Fools’ Day” comes again this year, I think of my Dad and smile. He would definitely be up to no good today!

Anyone who’s experienced loss knows the significance of that specific date. As the day my Dad passed away suddenly, August 1 will forever be the worst day of my life. It gets easier every year, but I still relive the morning my Mom called and we flew home from New Mexico. It was - by far - the saddest day. April 1 is that day for the Howroyds. My Dad’s sister, Lori, and my cousins lost their Dad (Uncle Jay) to a heart attack a year ago today. Jay was such an amazing person. Kind, funny, smart and witty. So on a day that should be fun-loving and humorous, I remember these two great men. I hope that April 1 will get easier for my aunt and cousins every year …. Love you guys!

fun at Scott and Jess's wedding, photo by Tightrope Photography

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