February 17, 2011

Moscow Mules and Maybe Dinner

To blog or not to blog has been trumped by Maslow's hierarchy of needs this week.  Before comfort and even safety, the basic needs of shelter, food and water need to be met.  In our household that means dinner.  And this week it's been happening at 8:30 or later.  Bedtime has been anything but pleasant and I've been waiting for the night that Tony comes up with some excuse to come home late.  It's been that much of a battle. 

Jill wouldn't let us out of her sight on Sunday when we returned from Puerto Rico.  She would NOT nap or go to bed.  Monday night came and more of the same.  We thought she was adjusting to her parents being home.  She's also been getting over an ear infection.  Then tonight Tony says, "You know my Mom said Jill was a pig before bedtime while we were gone and they just had to keep feeding her."  Well then, load up that tray!  Fill up the milk!  We stuffed Jill with grilled cheese and pink milk (she is almost done with the amoxicillin and we cheat and mix it with her milk to avoid the drama) and like magic she went right to sleep.  Thank you, Mom and Kim!

It's been a tough week at work.  My company (Genzyme) was bought out by the French company sanofi-aventis yesterday.  We had a second round of layoffs today.  The mood has been one of uncertainty, anxiety and sometimes excitement.  People are walking around saying "bonjour," " bonsoir," "is the cafeteria serving French fries at lunch??"  It's been an interesting experience for us to put under our belt.  A major corporate acquisition: grounds for stressy stomach pains and bad eating habits in the past.  Since meeting with the medium and relaxing our on vacation, I'm really focused on keeping my cool.  Deep breaths.  A Moscow Mule or three (this is unbelievable refreshing vodka drink I tried for the first time in PR).  Sure, work can be stressful but then you come home to your family (this includes you, Rachael).  And what's more important than that?


  1. I hope things settle down for you soon!

    Noticed that you too need to mask the taste of the meds. I found out recently that the pharmacy can add flavor to the meds. Katie has an ear infection and we had them flavor the meds with bubble gum. She absolutely loves taking her "pink drink" and asks for it several times a day. (Our pharmacist has 4 girls under the age of 5 and suggested this - love her!)

  2. Really?! I had no idea the pharmacy could flavor meds. Thanks for the tip, Jen. See you Monday!