February 21, 2011

President's Day Weekend

Can a peaceful hot bath change a woman? I should ask my Mom. She took baths every night she wasn't working while I was growing up. We knew she liked the bath water very hot and that we weren't allowed to disturb. This was her time. I didn't understand the sanctity of bathtime until Sunday night.

Tony and I are nomads. We've moved more times than most and the majority of weekends we're visiting family or friends. This weekend - President's Day Weekend - we stayed home. I wondered what we'd do with ourselves. Jill apparently wondered the same because she was insane on Saturday (and Sunday). I planned to go to yoga but didn't dare leave Tony. His frightened face begged for help. It was a two-person job to keep her entertained.

The weather had warmed some. It was sunny but still windy. We took a drive over to Pope John Paul II Park thinking the wind would be less fierce away from the ocean. Jill and I laughed at Tony as he and Rachael chased down a runaway plastic poop bag. Tony lunged to stop it but continued to miss. The wind picked up and I was reminded of the movie American Beauty. Anyway, that adventure didn't last long as it was miserable outside and far too windy. It was good for a little fresh air but that was it!

Sunday morning everyone helped bathe Rachael. It was quite the scene and Jill seemed amused that Rachael would get into the bathtub like she normally does. At Jill's naptime, I scrubbed the tub and shower and it turned a new shade of white. "I should take a bath tonight," I thought .... Is that possible?? It was. Tony and Jill hung out on the couch and I took a hot, quiet and relaxing bath. It was heaven. My chilled ginger ale, fresh lime juice and vodka (oh how I love Moscow mules) only added to the sweetness.

apparel by Mark and Ali
helping with bathtime
taking my dog for a walk
raspberries, and not being quiet about it
Monday lunch with the WSC girls, including Jen's daughter, Katie (Jill's new buddy)
hugs for Maggie

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  1. Love the pics! Katie had tons of fun with Jill. She's already looking forward to playing again :)