February 23, 2011

Jill, 15 Months

Two more weeks and Jill will be 15 months old. Where has the time gone?

A few things we’ve noticed about Jill lately:
1. Walking is no longer a challenge. It’s more of a ‘how fast can I run before I wipe out’ mentality.

2. The dinosaur stuffed animal at day care is dangerous, according to this week’s accident report. Jill was running down the climber with said rex in hand when it attacked her cheek, adding to the marks from #1 and Sunday afternoon’s wipeout into the wall.

3. She likes to sit in chairs, anywhere: the big kids’ room at school, the doctor’s office (see below) and waiting room, home. She likes to sit in anything: large plastic bowls, Calphalon pots, the Bumbo she somehow still squeezes into.

4. Imitation: it’s a scary thing.

5. Fraggle Rock is still cool after nearly 30 years. Other favorite theme songs include Sesame Street and Thomas the Train. A big smile comes across her face and the hands start clapping just as the knees start bouncing. Poor girl has no shot at having any sort of rhythm, genetically-speaking.

6. She’s a drama queen when she’s sick. Clingy, goes to bed early and without a fight. Doesn’t want to eat. Likes to throw up on me, particularly in the morning when we're getting ready for work.  Her teachers know when she's just a little bit off because she's not her usual smiling and happy self.  See #7.

7. Our kid is the mayor. She knows everyone.  She's a social butterfly.  She carries her strong personality well and can work a crowd like no other.

8. Favorite foods include: waffles, yogurt, grilled cheese, toast with hummus, carrots, bananas and Cheerios.  She adamantly pushes food away when full and/or vigorously clears her tray.

9. Favorite games: Jill is still easily amused by peek-a-boo. She also enjoys taking items out of buckets, putting them back in then (not-so-quietly) lugging the bucket around the tiny first floor of our house.

10.  She likes to get dressed and undressed.  She helps, especially with her winter jacket and sometimes Dad's too.

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